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Best 6 cheap travel destinations

cheap travel destinations
cheap travel destinations

Finding cheap travel destinations becomes a priority for many travelers when planning budget-friendly trips. The increasing cost of travel tickets makes people reconsider their passion for travel.

Moreover, people find it difficult to believe that a budget-friendly trip is achievable. If this sounds like you, you must understand how far you can go with an affordable destination. Before we proceed, you must realize that cheap here does not necessarily translate to second-class.

It simply refers to places with less pricey and relatively affordable features. Knowing your vacation will not leave you broke helps you enjoy your trip more. You will find affordable destinations to add to your wish list here.

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What are the cheap travel destinations to visit?


Beaches and stunning landscapes aside, Vietnam is popular amongst travelers seeking a cost-effective destination. With an average of $64.51, visitors can afford to get their daily needs plus change. More so, the country boasts Hoi An, a vacation spot recognized by UNESCO and the dream destination of foreigners.

Here, you will find landscapes and serene beaches perfect for romantic getaways. The nights in Vietnam are bright and dreamy, courtesy of the colorful lanterns that line the streets. Additionally, there are plenty of shops and food joints where you can purchase local goods at affordable prices.

South Africa

This is one popular tourist-friendly country in Africa that you can visit without going bankrupt. Here, you can comfortably cover your daily essentials for less than $100. The country offers a surreal atmosphere of the coastlines and landscapes that are a sight to behold.

You will admire the rich culture and warmth of the South African people. After exploring the city, you can stop by one of the restaurants and order a sumptuous three-course meal for a few dollars.

Enjoy the safari experience by day and skip to Johannesburg for the wild parties at night. For accommodation, the best resorts and luxury hotels are not expensive.

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Mombasa Kenya

Mombasa, Kenya, is arguably the cheapest travel destination on this list. This country is perfect for tourists willing to explore Swahili culture and traditions.

Visitors can lodge in the beautiful resorts close to the beach. At this destination, you will appreciate the cultural setting and stunning views that help you relax.

Tourists often make a point of visiting the markets to buy cultural pieces. While in the market, ensure you get some of the Ankara fabric available in different designs.


India is perfect for an adventurous vacation if you’re interested in culture, fashion, or food. Everything is so affordable that you may feel like you’re on a free trip.

Most people come here for the famous street food. If you happen to walk around the streets of Mumbai, you are likely to meet other tourists buying everything on the food line.

However, it is important to be mindful of your belongings to avoid pickpockets. Also, if you are a lady on a solo trip, avoid walking around the dark alleys.


You can have the most unique experience in Portugal for a reasonable amount. Among our list of cheap travel destinations, tourists prefer Portugal for its quiet streets.

First, you can immerse in the culture, interact with the hospitable locals, and enjoy their traditional cuisines. You can have all the fun you need without exceeding the daily allowance of $75.33

The Alentejo coast is a popular tourist attraction in Western Europe. Tourists arrive in swarms to appreciate the vibrant city and its variety of food vendors.

New Orleans, USA

For budget-conscious travelers, New Orleans is one location where you don’t have to spend much. Most tourists explore the town on foot, which is perfect for taking in the incredible landmarks.

From the café du Monde, you can get the best coffee and beignets you have ever tasted. Walking into any town bar immerses you in the feel of the town’s musical spirit.

You can sample fine cocktails or settle for a bottle of cheap beer while taking in the sights.


In conclusion, a vacation should add fun to your life without bankrupting you. This article presents a great selection of destinations where you can have a fantastic adventure on a budget.


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