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Where to find and Search a Weapon Case in Fortnite – Guides 2024

Where to find and Search a Weapon Case in Fortnite

Where to find and Search a Weapon Case in Fortnite – Guides 2024

Searching a Fortnite Weapon Case is featured as one of the Kickstart quests, to introduce you to the various changes brought in with the new chapter. These Weapon Cases are particularly useful items to find, as they supply a selection of rare guns to better prepare you for the battle ahead in Fortnite Chapter 5. They can be found tucked away within The Underground’s bases, but that information in isolation isn’t much help when you’re still learning the lay of the land, so I’m here to show you where to find and search a Weapon Case in Fortnite.

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Locations of Fortnite Weapon Cases on the Map

Locations of Fortnite Weapon Cases on the Map

Fortnite Weapon Case locations are all located within The Underground bases, and are marked on the map below. Your in-game map also shows these with small icons that look like a red eye within a diamond-shaped outline with a light-colored strikethrough.

Finding and searching weapon cases in Fortnite can be an exciting and rewarding part of the game. These cases contain valuable weapons and cosmetics that can enhance your experience and provide you with a competitive edge. In this guide, we will explore various locations where weapon cases can be found and provide some tips on how to search effectively.

Where and How to search a Weapon Case in Fortnite

To learn how to search a weapon case in fortnite:

Upon reaching one of the marked areas on the map, look for the symbol of The Underground, which marks the location of the Weapon Case in Fortnite. Upon entering the room, look for arrows drawn on walls, crates, and other surfaces, which should eventually take you to a room with the same symbol outside.

How to search a Weapon Case in Fortnite

Look for the Fortnite Weapon Cases in the control room that are glowing red and contain different guns once you enter the control room. As you approach and interact with the Weapon Case, it will drop the gun on the floor next to you for you to pick up. A selection of new Fortnite weapons with modifications is included in these Weapon Cases, including the Striker AR, Ranger Pistol, and Reaper Sniper Rifle.

1. Playground Mode

One of the most reliable ways to find weapon cases in Fortnite is by exploring the Playground mode. This mode allows players to roam around the island freely, without any risk of getting eliminated by other players. Take your time to explore the different buildings and structures, as weapon cases are often hidden in these areas.

2. Loot Llamas

Loot llamas are iconic Fortnite items that can be found in various locations around the island. These llamas contain various items, including weapon cases. To increase your chances of finding a weapon case, make sure to open as many loot llamas as possible. You can do this by scavenging for llama spawns or by purchasing them from the item shop.

3. Treasure Chests

Treasure chests are a common sight in Fortnite, and finding them can be a great way to acquire weapon cases. Look for treasure chests located in buildings, abandoned vehicles, or on elevated surfaces. Opening these chests will provide you with a random selection of items, including weapon cases.

4. Challenges and Events

Fortnite often introduces challenges and events that reward players with weapon cases. Make sure to check the in-game challenges, events, and limited time modes to find specific challenges related to finding weapon cases. Completing these challenges will reward you with the weapon cases, giving you a competitive edge in the game.

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Finding and searching weapon cases in Fortnite can be a fun and challenging aspect of the game. By exploring different locations, opening loot llamas, and completing challenges, you can increase your chances of acquiring valuable weapons and cosmetics. So, keep these tips in mind and keep searching for those elusive weapon cases to enhance your Fortnite experience.


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