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Rogue Trader Walkthrough & Guide: Conquering the Chaos Spawn for the Win

Rogue Trader Walkthrough

Rogue Trader Walkthrough & Guide: Conquering the Chaos Spawn for the Win

Rogue Trader, the latest installment in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, presents players with a captivating storyline filled with intense boss battles. The Chaos Spawn serves as one of the game’s first boss encounters, introducing players to the unique mechanics and strategies they will need to master in order to succeed. In this walkthrough and guide, we will shed light on the Chaos Spawn and provide invaluable tips to help you overcome this formidable foe.

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Chapter 1 Rogue Trader Guide

Rogue Traders have a few major responsibilities upon ascending to the throne. It is necessary for you to repair your ship, replenish its crew, and get a new Navigator in order to use Warp Travel. In the Rykad system, these tasks are dispersed throughout. In the meantime, you can recruit companions and complete side quests in the game system. Due to some mission structure and potential integrations into main quests, we recommend you complete the chapter in a particular order.

Unidentified Voidship

Visiting the Unidentified Voidship is the first thing you need to do before starting any mission. Your first interaction with a trader will be with the Voidship. Therefore, choose dialogue options that do not result in the trader being blasted. The earliest two-handed Flamer weapon is one of the first purchases you can make, which is useful throughout Chapter 1. You’ll use this tool quite a bit against clumped-up, low-wound enemies if you place it in Argenta’s second weapon slot.

Navis Nobilite Station

Now that that has been cleared up, you should go to the Navis Nobilite station in the upper left corner of the map. The Navigator part of your journey can be completed here by recruiting Cassio. When you recruit Cassio early on, you can fill your companions and squad size of six in a relatively self-secluded space, plus Cassia is one of the strongest Companions for providing support for a party because of her passive Navigator skills that can be used for offensive magic and defensive buffs.

Just board the station at Navis Nobilite to recruit Cassia, and solve the mystery going on. With regards to the internal family drama at the station, you have a few choices to make. Whatever you decide, just make sure Cassia is recruited and gets out of the station alive. You need to check the rubble for athletic markers and enter the library to do so. Open the doors, reset elevator controls, and deal with the fight in the middle library. The laboratory also needs to be accessed. Here are the full Navis Nobilite choices and walkthrough if you are interested in learning more about the Navis Nobilite lab puzzle. Cassia can be obtained as early as possible if you follow these steps.

Further, the Navis Nobilite Laboratory has a puzzle that grants potions that can be used against Warp or Toxic fights. You will need these at the end of the chapter fights and in some of the fights in Chapter 2 and beyond, so keep them handy.

The Chosen Ones

Located on the bottom prison planet of the system’s map, The Chosen Ones is a side quest. Although you don’t have to do this side quest, we recommend you do it next for two reasons. The first is that it has a loose connection to the main storyline on Rykad Minoris. Additionally, there is a trigger that kills an NPC. If you skip this quest and do the main storyline first, you will be able to help this NPC. Therefore, we are doing this mission right now.

When you arrive at the Prison Planet, you’ll find an NPC named Pilot Raquel. You will be informed about what is happening and then she will lead you to the barracks. Here, you’ll encounter lots of low-level enemies who are poorly armed and not very dangerous. The fabled NPC in question, Evayne, can be found through the doorway on the other side of the barracks.

Eveayne is a good egg, as they say, and is only trying to help his friend, aka the Warden who turned the prison into a crazy town. In the process, you’ll make a new ally by being able to help him. After you go down first, he will appear partway into your conversation with the Warden after you agree to go into the pit with him. Continue the conversation until Evayne and the Warden lose their minds and attack one another.

The main tactic for defeating the boss is to add management and then destroy the Unholy Lenses. You should ensure they have been completed before attempting to kill the Warden. In addition, try to finish the battle as soon as possible, since Evayne is at risk of dying. Evayne will join your ship once the battle is over, so you can ask him to do so after the battle ends. After getting off the ship in Chapter 2, he goes exploring on his own. By saving a notable noble, you’ll be able to reference his dynasty later on in the game’s narrative, which is useful if his dynasty is brought back into the plot.

Main Storyline on Rykid Minoris

The main questline starts with The Starport quest, now that the pressing stuff is done. The main reason why we prepared you for side quests, getting a new companion, and getting some gear is for one very important reason. Slogging is the order of the day. There are few opportunities to heal wounds during the early stages of this planet. Basically, there is a flak gun in the city that grounds all flights, so you don’t get to rest until it has been fixed. Prepare yourself for battle by equipping those med bags on all characters.

Find out what’s going on as soon as you land by speaking with the Sergeant. You will be responsible for finding an escort party to bring the Tech-Priest to the capital. This will be located on the middle-right side of the map. There will be a few rebels and cultists to face along the way. You meet and recruit Pasqal there, who will be fully recruitable throughout your main story. You will have the six companions you need early on if you do this. I appreciate your hard work.

Now you have to fight more rebels in the capital. As you investigate the Unholy Lens in the warehouse, you will learn more about the imposter guard, the flyers in the warehouse, and the imposter guard. Due to your experience with the planetoid and Warden before this, you’ll have special role-play notes and dialogue options when you find the cultists in the warehouse. Therefore, use these methods to figure out what is happening, and then fight the rebels. Alternatively, you can do the Warehouse puzzle from here. Due to the fact that it is not necessary, we won’t discuss it here. There is also a boss in the Sewers that can be defeated for a trophy and some decent loot. Just in case, it’s been spoiler-tagged.

Now that the Warehouse has been completed, you can take the top exit. You will be taken to a large area filled with enemies. A sniper unit has been introduced on the roof of the building to the left of the staircase, which is something you haven’t seen before. It can wipe out your party if it dies alone. Additionally, you must kill the baddies and then use Melta charges and Demolitions tests to blow up the anti-air gun. Your needs are likely to be covered by Argent. Don’t forget to loot the chest on top of the building for the sniper and his special sniper gear.

Electrodynamic Cenobium

Next, you need to visit a place called the Electrodynamic Cenobium for the Gleam of the Final Dawn quest. The Mechanicus Monastery needs your attention. You can find all the cultists gathered around the hung-up Tech-Priest in the center of the map. During this fight, you’ll need to survive around four to five turns before the fight auto-resolves. Get more information about missing monks by speaking to the Tech-Priest and going through the dialogue as desired.

You need to look for some side rooms near the Monastery’s entrance to find the missing Monks. There’s also the First Galvanic Hymn Puzzle that awards a new Arc Rifle if you can solve it. That puzzle is covered in a separate guide as well, if you’re interested. Please don’t stress yourself out about it.

You should start by visiting the library. Toward the back corner of the room are two secret wall panels that can be touched. A selection of mummified Electro-Priests can be found inside. They’ll offer some tips on how to deal with the temple’s attack if you mention it is under attack.

Let’s take a look at the other room next. It’s to your right if you’re facing the main entrance. You will find the door next to the yellow arrow on the floor. In the room, you’ll find a companion called Heinrix, an Inquisition-approved Biomancer Psyker. Obtain more information about Aurora, the events here, and the location of the missing monks. Now you can find the missing monks by clicking on the red, circular congitator. In the bowels of the Monastery, you can fight the Aurora boss battle after speaking with them.

This tip revolves around splitting into three groups and killing the Electro-Priests. Avoid shooting them with electric-themed weapons, so Iddy and Pasqal shouldn’t use them. Do not fire your Arc Rifle at the Electro-Priests if you have an Arc Rifle. When electro-priests are hit with electricity, they heal. If there were only four turns to beat them all, it wouldn’t be so bad. However, for every Electro-Priest that dies, you gain another turn. The fight will be easier if you have a full party of members with you.

Your victory over Heretics is now ready for celebration with the governor. There will be a parade, bringing you to the epilogue of Chapter 1. It is not yet time to do this, since you still need to do a few things.

Things to Do before the Epilogue

What matters is that the Epilogue marks the end of your time in Rykad Minoris. If you still need to do any other side activities, make sure to do them with your companions. Additionally, you can speak with the traders to get as much rep or items as you need. The access to these traders will be limited in Chapter 2, so grab what you want now before it’s too late. Janis Danrock is located on the Upper Deck, where traders can be fast-tracked.

Rykad Majoris Voidship Choices

Additionally, Rykad Majoris has a mysterious ship. Find out what is happening on the mysterious ship by visiting it. Ask Abelard to send troops to the area and investigate what is going on. Exotic Drukhari weapons are available without any downsides. In the absence of this, you will entirely miss out on this. For now, Jae cannot use the gun, but if you wish to recruit her in Chapter 2, she can use those weapons.


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