Home Insurance What are the types of car insurance coverage?

What are the types of car insurance coverage?

types of car insurance coverage
types of car insurance coverage

Understanding how different types of car insurance coverage provide you with special benefits is important. Whether you are seeking financial security or adequate protection, having car insurance can reduce losses if accidents occur.

Once you decide to purchase a policy from any company, it is crucial to ask questions about their insurance features. However, you must consider your budget and specific needs before choosing a plan.

It is also vital to note that having multiple coverage plans is essential for maximum protection. To help you make the right choice, we’ll discuss each plan and its unique purpose in this article.

Types of car insurance coverage

Liability insurance

When we talk about the types of car insurance coverage important to drivers, the liability coverage shows forth. This here covers the expenses third parties incur as a result of an accident you caused. However, it will not cover your damages. With liability insurance, you can pay for legal cases if your actions attract a lawsuit.

Most states in the United States demand drivers to have liability coverage. You can choose the minimum option or opt for expensive plans that provide better coverage.

Under liability insurance, you can select coverage for bodily injury while the second plan takes care of damages to property.

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Comprehensive coverage   

This insurance is specifically for damages that are not as a result of collision. Anyone leasing a vehicle must treat this as a topmost priority in case of damage.

Comprehensive coverage provides a lifeline in case of theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. On this plan, you must meet your deductible to enjoy insurance benefits.

It is important to note that this coverage affords you maximum protection. Therefore, you should invest in a comprehensive plan to make up for your minimum liability coverage.

Uninsured coverage

Should someone without car insurance hit you in traffic, uninsured coverage comes to your rescue. Not only does it cover the passengers you carry, but it will not support drivers with the cost of injuries or treatment

Additionally, it covers expenses if you are a victim of a hit and run and all funeral expenses according to the state if an injury victim passes. Under this plan, there’s coverage for bodily injury and property damage from both uninsured and underinsured drivers.

Medical payments coverage

Among the types of car insurance coverage that insurers offer, medical payments coverage may be the least popular. Most people call this the MedPay coverage.

It is an optional coverage but also necessary for people who require extra financial protection. MedPay has no provision for paycheck recovery but it will cover all medical expenses.

This includes both drivers and passengers whether at fault or not. Also, it pays off the medical bills of pedestrians you collide with.

Collision insurance

Every driver should invest in collision insurance to protect their cars. This plan caters to the repair of vehicles you insure after an accident.

For example, if you bump into a wall, this plan protects you from damage. It does not provide support non-collision accidents.

While it is not a compulsory vehicle plan, it is advisable to have this coverage especially when renting a car. Collision coverage saves you from expenses you may incur from pothole damage and rollover accidents.

Personal injury protection

This is an upgrade from medical payment coverage as it covers the same features and more. Another name for personal injury protection is no-fault insurance.

That said, it takes care of expenses for both drivers and passengers in case of an accident regardless of who is at fault. Aside from medical bills, it bears the funeral cost if an accident takes lives and supports survivors through recovery.

Personal injury protection may pay part of your paycheck and basic needs while you undergo treatment. However, it does not apply to residents in a no-fault state.


Now that you know the types of car insurance coverage, you can easily plan the perfect policy from scratch. Finally, you can decide from this article, the coverage types that will give you the level of protection you desire.


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