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Zenless Zone Zero Tier List December 2024

Zenless Zone Zero Tier List December 2024

Zenless Zone Zero Tier List December 2024

In the bustling world of Zenless Zone Zero, power reigns supreme. Players find themselves immersed in a cosmic battleground, where top-tier agents weave tales of triumph and prowess. The tier list for December 2024 is a testament to the strength and skill of these characters, outlining the pecking order in this highly competitive realm.


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Zenless Zone Zero Tier List December 2024

SEllen, Grace, Lycaon, Nekomata, Rina, Soldier 11
AAnby, Anton, Billy, Koleda, Nicole, Soukaku
BBen, Korin

S Tier

1. Ellen:

  • Role: S-Rank character with high PEN Ratio.
  • Attributes: Ice, capable of Freeze and Shatter effects.
  • Abilities: Multi-attack slashes, dodge attacks.

2. Grace:

  • Role: Electric-based Shock-heavy character.
  • Attributes: High PEN ratio, AoE damage at medium range.
  • Abilities: Nimble with leaps and somersaults, fan-favorite.

3. Lycaon:

  • Role: Robust unit with the highest base HP.
  • Attributes: Ice, pairs well with Freeze-inflicting characters.
  • Abilities: Close-range melee fighter, high Impact stat.

4. Nekomata:

  • Role: High damage per second character.
  • Attributes: Highest base ATK, fast and crit potential.
  • Abilities: Devastatingly fast, damage buffs with dodge counters.

5. Rina:

  • Role: Versatile unit with two Bangboo companions.
  • Attributes: Electric, high Attribute Mastery.
  • Abilities: Mobile, AoE, and single-target attacks.

6. Soldier 11:

  • Role: Model soldier with high damage output.
  • Attributes: Fire, large health pool, dodge counters.
  • Abilities: Pseudo-tank, powerful chain attack.

A Tier

1. Anton:

  • Role: Chain attacker with close-range AoE damage.
  • Attributes: Versatile, high base crit rate.
  • Abilities: Special boosts Anti-Interrupt, EX Special in Burst Mode.

2. Anby:

  • Role: Daze applicator with high Impact stat.
  • Attributes: Electric, energy regeneration.
  • Abilities: Beginner-friendly, relies on Basic Attack.

3. Billy:

  • Role: Versatile long-range AoE damage dealer.
  • Attributes: Physical, sheer versatility.
  • Abilities: High crit rate, fragile but useful.

4. Koleda:

  • Role: Tank and Daze applicator.
  • Attributes: Fire, massive hammer for single-target and AoE.
  • Abilities: Furnace Fire effect, synergy with Ben.

5. Nicole:

  • Role: Displacer with DEF-ignoring black hole ability.
  • Attributes: Ether, unique displacement, and continuous damage.
  • Abilities: Glass cannon, pairs well with high-damage units.

6. Soukaku:

  • Role: Synergy unit for Ice or high-Impact characters.
  • Attributes: Ice, conditional damage with Vortex stacks.
  • Abilities: Fly the Flag ability, Frosted Banner state.

B Tier

1. Ben:

  • Role: Ursine tank with the highest DEF.
  • Attributes: Tank with DEF-to-damage conversion.
  • Abilities: High DEF, slow movement, shielding capabilities.

2. Corin:

  • Role: Close-range fighter with high crit rate.
  • Attributes: Physical, fragile but high crit rate.
  • Abilities: Interrupt enemies, lack of versatility.

As a result of this tier list, players can make informed decisions about team composition and strategy based on the roles, attributes, and abilities of the characters in Zenless Zone Zero. Updates and changes in balancing may change the tier lists.



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