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Cyber Insurance

What is cyber Insurance?

Consider investing in cyber insurance if you or your enterprise stands to lose out in the event of a cyberattack. This policy serves as...
cover letter

Best steps to write a cover letter for a job

A cover letter is crucial for communicating your interest in a job opportunity to recruiters. When you encounter an exciting job opening, you must...
internships at Google

Current internships at Google

Internships at Google offer students golden opportunities to train and explore their career paths. Moreover, these programs leave you with an instant career boost...
internships for high school students

Internships for high school students in USA

Some employers are open to hosting internships for high school students. In America, students hold on to these rare opportunities for valuable training and...
benefits of life insurance

5 benefits of life insurance

The benefits of life insurance transcend beyond your lifetime as it provides support to loved ones after the policyholder passes away. It goes to...
disability insurance

What is disability insurance?

In a world where earning a living is essential, disability insurance presents a unique and valuable. If you experience any kind of health challenge...
types of car insurance coverage

What are the types of car insurance coverage?

Understanding how different types of car insurance coverage provide you with special benefits is important. Whether you are seeking financial security or adequate protection,...
long term disability Insurance

What is long term disability Insurance?

Most people who do not bother about long term disability insurance probably think that not exposing themselves to risk would keep them safe. Meanwhile, the...
Critical illness insurance

Critical illness insurance

Critical illness insurance is a coverage that provides benefits with extra expenses to Individuals who seek protection against unpredicted health crises. In essence, you...
High deductible health plan

What is High deductible health plan?

Do you ever wonder why people still choose a high deductible health plan despite their high costs? This article aims to explore these reasons. More...