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Latest UNDP internship 2024

UNDP internship
UNDP internship

UNDP internship is a highly competitive program designed for students with a demonstrable interest in global development. Here, candidates from all walks of life come together to be part of the United Nation’s outreach. Through this training, you will be exposed to high-profile meetings and duties relevant to your studies.

Also, in this program, mastery of English is essential as you’ll have to interact with individuals from different academic backgrounds. In addition, your communication skills must be top-notch to help you understand both your mentors and colleagues.

Applicants enrolled in a development-oriented program or similar fields will appreciate the first-hand experience UNDP offers. You can complement your studies with this training, but first, you must successfully pass the application process.

About UNDP

Established in 1966 by the US National Assembly, the UNDP is the United Nations’ top organization on international development.

The major focus of this agency is to eradicate poverty and reduce inequality in developing countries. More so, they focus on achieving Sustainable Development Goals through creating policies, instilling leadership skills, and building resilience.

UNDP is located in New York City but also has a wide presence in over 170 countries. The organization focuses on training individuals who can influence development and this includes citizens of developing countries.

Overview of UNDP internship

This is a training opportunity that can benefit students who want to gain extra credit to support their studies. Participants will work under the direction of the senior communication adviser.

Graduate students are welcome to apply for the role of communication intern and general intern. However, reference will be given to students with field experience in development. The organization expects shortlisted candidates to join their teams to eradicate poverty and solve global issues. Overall, interns have a responsibility to provide support for the permanent staff of the organization throughout the training period.

Daily responsibilities of a UNDP intern

  • Extract materials from the organization’s intranet
  • Assist with the update of the UNDP Washington Representation Office Website
  • Contribute to outreach events
  • Design and implement unique communication mechanisms and tactics
  • Observe social media, put together relevant content, and share clips daily

Who is the ideal candidate for the UNDP internship?

Must be studying for a degree program in communications, development, business administration, and environmental studies and open to completing their studies after an internship

  • Values the standards of the United Nations Charter and UNDP statement of purpose
  • Can handle the position for 24 hours, thrice weekly for three consecutive months
  • Exhibits passion for global development and eager to learn
  • Willing to solve global issues and interact with people from different backgrounds.
  • Audio/video recording and editing skills are a bonus

Benefits of UNDP internship

  • Valuable job experience
  • Networking opportunities
  • College credit
  • Monthly stipends

Salary: 65k per year.


Duration: Six months

Location: New York, U.S.A.


Application deadline: June 15, 2024.

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How to apply

  • To start your application, you must download the form on this website.
  • Next, you should complete the form and email a copy to [email protected] and send an extra copy to [email protected]
  • Only shortlisted candidates will receive feedback.

Frequently asked questions on UNDP internship

When is the UNDP internship scheduled to commence?


This internship will start in September 2024.

Are there documents I need for my application?

To support your application, you need your CV and cover letter.

Can I find internships suitable for students in the United States?

Yes, there are multiple internship opportunities for American students here.


To wrap up, this is strictly an internship offer, so there’s no guarantee of a permanent job at UNDP. During the training period, applicants should be of good conduct and channel their energy to create sustainable solutions.



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