Home Guides All Paladin Rune Locations in WoW Season of Discovery: Phase 1

All Paladin Rune Locations in WoW Season of Discovery: Phase 1

All Paladin Rune Locations in WoW Season of Discovery

All Paladin Rune Locations in WoW Season of Discovery

In the first phase of Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft Classic, players will have the opportunity to collect runes to enhance their class abilities. The Paladin class has a total of 12 runes, each offering unique abilities that can be enchanted onto gear. In this blog post, we will explore all rune locations for the Paladin class in WoW Season of Discovery.

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All WoW Season of Discovery Phase 1 runes for Paladins

The 12 Paladin Runes in Season of Discovery are designed to empower them in three different roles: tanks, healers, and DPS. While each Rune is primarily optimized for a specific role, it is generally recommended to obtain all 12 and experiment with them, as they can significantly alter the way Paladins play and experience Classic. In the following sections, you will find the location of each Rune.

Crusader Strike Rune location in Season of Discovery

The Crusader Strike Rune grants the ability to enchant your gloves with the spell Crusader Strike. This exclusive enchantment is only available to Paladins and is a swift-cast damage spell that replenishes a small amount of mana. In the human starting zone or the dwarven starting zone, players should seek out their respective Paladin trainer for a quest. The objective for this quest is to defeat the Defias to the east or the Frostmane Trolls nearby. Upon defeating one of these enemies, a Libram of Judgement will drop. This rune serves as the activation mechanism for Crusader Strike and can be activated by following these steps:

1. Equip the Libram by right-clicking on it.

2. Use the level 4 spell Judgement to unleash active seals onto opponents ten times.

3. After the tenth time, right-click on the Libram again to grant your Paladin the ability to enchant their gloves with Crusader Strike.

Crusader Strike is a powerful rune suitable for beginning Paladins. By equipping the Libram and activating the rune through Judgement, players can unleash active seals onto opponents ten times. Upon completing the tenth seal, players can right-click on the Libram once more to acquire the Crusader Strike enchantment. This enchantment greatly enhances the effectiveness of Crusader Strike, making it one of the most valuable runes available for Paladins.

Aegis Rune location in Season of Discovery

At level 8, players will be able to unlock the spell Purify, which will serve as the key to acquire the Aegis Rune. This chest rune will enhance the player’s block value, and there are two different locations where it can be obtained. The first location is close to the human starting area, and the second is by the dwarven.

During the quest, players will encounter a scenario where there is a person poisoned. This individual can be found either in front of the Gnomeregan entrance or inside the Jasperload Mines. To aid them, players must approach the person and use Purify to save them. As a reward for their efforts, the person will give the player the Aegis Rune.

By completing this quest, players will acquire the Aegis Rune, which will enhance their block value and improve their overall combat abilities.

Aegis Rune location in Season of Discovery

At level 8, players will be able to unlock the spell Purify, which will finally enable them to acquire the Aegis Rune. There are two different locations where they can earn this Chest rune, which boosts their block value. The first location is near the human starting area, while the second is near a dwarven settlement.

Additionally, there will be a poisoned individual in either front of the Gnomeregan entrance or inside the Jasperload Mines. Players must approach this person and use Purify in order to save them. In return, the individual will provide them with the Aegis Rune.

Horn of Lordaeron Rune location in Season of Discovery

The Horn of Lordaeron is a buff that raises the “Strength and Agility of all party members within 30 yards by 6.” There are two locations to find the Horn of Lordaeron’s Libram: down the stairs inside the Stoutlager Inn in Thelsamar in Loch Modan; it’s on a table in one of the inn’s bedrooms. It will look like a green book. It can also be found by looting level 22 undead mobs in Westfall, in the highlighted area in the map below. To activate it, equip it, then Bless five different players with any Blessing spell.

Seal of Martyrdom Rune location in Season of Discovery

For the Seal of Martyrdom Rune, you will need to be located in Stormwind. Inside the Cathedral, locate Brother Romulus. He will be standing on the left side of the entrance, facing the stairs leading to the main altar. Talk to him about their concerns regarding Ada Gelhardt, who has been exhibiting strange behavior. Brother Romulus will then direct you down into the catacombs beneath the Cathedral. To gain access to the catacombs, simply walk behind Brother Romulus and you will find a door that will lead you there. Take the stairs down until you reach the bottom, where you will find a large room. Along the walls, there is a Charred Note waiting to be discovered.

This document provides clues regarding Ada’s location. She is present on the island that lies between Westfall and Elwynn Forest in the southern border between the two areas. In order to locate her, simply approach her and initiate conversation. Upon doing so, she will initiate an attack against you. To acquire the Rune, you will need to defeat Ada in battle.

Hand of Reckoning Rune location in Season of Discovery

The Hand of Reckoning enchantment, both a threat increase and a taunt, is highly sought after by tanking players in World of Warcraft. To obtain this tanking glove enchant, players can either head to Stonesplinter Valley in Loch Modan or Westfall near Jangolode Mine.

If they choose Stonesplinter Valley, players should make their way to the southern-most cave entrance in the Valley. Inside, they should navigate through the caves until they reach the very end. There, they will find a giant pond, located at the very end of the caves. Beneath the water, they will find a Sacred Reliquary chest. To unlock the enchant, players will need to swim over to this chest and open it, revealing the Libram of Justice.

Alternatively, players may choose to head to Westfall and locate an elite Undead named Leprithus outside of Jangolode Mine. By looting Leprithus, they will acquire the necessary rune to unlock the enchant. However, to unlock the enchant, players will need to kill 10 enemies who are stunned by the Hammer of Justice.

Avenger’s Shield Rune location in Season of Discovery

The holy damage spell rune can only be found in a single location. To acquire this valuable item, players must eliminate the powerful entity known as Dro’zem the Blasphemous. This formidable opponent can be found in the Redridge Mountains. Upon successfully defeating Dro’zem, players can loot the rune from his body.

Divine Sacrifice Rune location in Season of Discovery

Divine Sacrifice is a rune that grants you the ability to redirect 30% of all damage taken by party members within 30 yards to yourself. This rune can only be applied to legs. Before you can obtain the quest for this rune, you must be at least level 20. To pick up the rune, head to Ratchet in the Barrens and seek out the NPC named Grizzby. In the process of completing this quest, you will need the following items:

  • 20 Dark Iron Ordinance from Wetlands’ Dark Iron Dwarfs
  • 24 Fish Oil from Hillsbrad Foothills’s Murlocs and Naga
  • 16 Shredder Turbochargers, made with an Engineering recipe that is a drop from Sneed in Deadmines.

Exorcist Rune location in Season of Discovery

Exorcism increases the critical strike chance against Undead and Demons by 100% and enchants the legs. To obtain it, you must travel to Duskwood and locate the highlighted area above. Once there, you need to kill Wogen until one of them drops the Libram of Banishment. Equip this item, and you will be able to activate it by using Turn Undead on an undead enemy, then killing it with Exorcism. This process must be repeated five times.

Inspiration Exemplar

To obtain this Leg rune, players will need to obtain either another Paladin or a Priest. After that, they must travel east of Jerod’s Landing in Elwynn Forest or west of Kharanos in Dun Morogh. Once there, they will find a skeleton named the Adventurer’s Remains that can be interacted with. By talking to the skeleton, a portal will be summoned. The person who accompanied the player must then click on the portal as well. In response, a friendly ghost will spawn, allowing the player to acquire the Rune.


Rubuke is a Leg Enchant that interrupts spell casting and prohibits any spell in the same school from being cast for two seconds. It can be purchased in two different locations, but the method for acquiring it is essentially the same. One of the locations is in Stormwind at the bar in the Park. The other is in Ironforge in the Inn in the Military Ward. The quests associated with obtaining Rubuke can be undertaken by both humans and dwarves.

Stormwind City:

To acquire the Rune in Stormwind City, approach the bartender, Liz Bradford, in the Park and inquire about “How is business.” She will inform you that things are going well, albeit due to the presence of a drunken individual named Stuart. Stuart can be found at the bottom of the stairs located to the north of Liz. Kill Stuart and return to Liz to receive the Rune.


In Ironforge, locate the Military Ward’s Inn and talk to Bruuk Barleybeard. He will complain about a drunk disturbing the peace in his establishment, mirroring the same issue faced by Liz in Stormwind City. Proceed to kill the drunkard like Liz suggested, and then return to Bruuk to acquire the Rune.

Rune Activation:

Once you have obtained the Rune from either Liz or Bruuk, right-click on it in your inventory to equip it. To activate the Rune, you need to kill 10 enemies while they are stunned by Hammer of Justice, a Paladin spell that stuns an enemy for three seconds. Ensure that the stunned enemy perishes within these three seconds, ensuring that you utilize the stun when the target’s health is low. After successfully killing ten enemies, proceed to right-click on the Rune in the character menu to activate it.

Divine Storm Rune location in Season of Discovery

The Divine Storm rune, which is likely the final rune you will acquire, can be found in the Tower of Althalaxx located in the northern region of Darkshore. This level 30+ area requires assistance, so it is recommended to gather some friends to assist you in acquiring it.

To access the tower, make your way to the top and look for the Althalaxx Orb. Upon finding it, it is advised that you loot it before proceeding. After looting the Althalaxx Orb, search for a nearby journal page. It is important to note that this page is written in the Nightelf language, so if you are not proficient in this language, there are two options:

1. Hand the journal page to a Nightelf member within your guild. With their assistance, they can translate the page and provide you with the necessary information.

2. Alternatively, you can simply take my word for it. The journal page mentions that there is an individual named Delgren the Purifier residing in Maestra’s Post in Ashenvale.

Please note that in the absence of a Nightelf member or a translation of the journal page, relying on my word alone will suffice.

To retrieve the Orb, you will need to speak with Delgren the Purifier in Stormwind City. He will tell you that he is in over his head and suggests taking the Orb to the other paladins in Stormwind.

Inside the Cathedral, seek out Katherine the Pure. When you enter the room with the Paladin Trainers, she will be located on your right. She will provide you with directions to find the Warlock Ursula Deline at the Slaughtered Lamb tavern in the Mage’s Quarter.

Initially, Ursula Deline will ask you to pay for assistance with Summoner’s Salt. To acquire this ingredient, you will need to hunt down Blackrock Summoners in Redridge Mountains until you have collected fourteen of them. Once you have acquired the required amount, return to Ursula Deline in Stormwind City.

Ursula Deline will then instruct you to destroy the Orb. To achieve the desired result, you will need to travel to Demon Fall Canyon in Ashenvale and kill various enemies until you have obtained twelve Mote of Mannoroth.

Once you have collected the required number of Motes, a purple circle will appear on the floor near Mannoroth’s weapons. Use the Motes on the circle to break the Orb. After breaking the Orb, interact with the fragments to receive the Return to Delgren quest.

To complete the quest, gather the broken pieces of the Orb and return to Delgren the Purifier in Maestra’s Post. Show him the pieces to prove the Orb has been successfully destroyed.

By following these instructions, you will retrieve the Orb and complete the Return to Delgren quest.


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