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Anime rangers Codes

Is it just me or does anime rangers feels like a different roblox game why? Although I don’t have the best skin yet lol. But this game is way different roblox game. And now I know what you guys would be thinking but wait here me out! The first launch of the game you’ll notice that it’s portrait instead of the regular landscape that we know roblox games use to be like. Although I like this mode cause it makes me feel like I’m playing the good old temple run or subway surfers.

This interesting roblox game works on various platform including mobile, pc and as well console, and it’s enjoyable on every platform.

Although I like this mode cause it makes me feel like I’m playing the good old temple run or subway surfers.

Moving on to the available codes in this game. Before we make a post on any roblox codes we are very sure that we as well tested it first, so that they won’t be any error recurring. These anime rangers roblox codes would get you rewarded with such items like cash, gems and crystals.

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What is Anime Rangers?

Anime Rangers is a TPP multiplayer roblox game. The game support almost all including mobile, PC and console. And trust me it works fine on all. The game also has the feature to communicate with players through your microphone to make communication more easier. And one more last thing you should take note about this game is that Exploit is not allowed so take caution not to get your account banned by using it guys.

List of Anime rangers Codes For [month] [year]:

This are the active codes for anime rangers, as you all know these codes have been tested individually so as to make sure each codes are active:

AprilFoolRealUnit (Must have Purchased the ViP) 5000 Gems and 1000 Crystal (New)
SryUnitUiBugGotFixed50 Gems and 10 Crystals
FixedBugAgainBro50 Gems and 10 Crystals
SryAlotShutdownSoSad50 Gems and 10 Crystals
SryForShudownUPD250 Gems and 10 Crystals
9.9KLikes100 Gems and 5 Crystals
UPDATE2200 Gems and 15 Crystals
ThanksFor4MVisits100 Gems and 5 Crystals
ThanksFor3MVisits150 Gems and 20 Crystals
ThankFor7KLikes150 Gems and 20 Crystals
ThankFor2M150 Gems and 20 Crystals
AnimeBoyMadCuzDiscordPingRedeem for 100 Gems
ShutdownIn5Mins50 Gems
4KLikes300 Gems and 10 Crystals
SorryForShutdown125 Gems and 20 Crystals
BroMyDataStore50 Gems and 10 Crystals
Shutdown250 Gems
FreeCrystal20 Crystals
Shutdown1 Gem
ThankFor1M150 Gems and 2 Crystals
UPDATE150 Gems
SECRETONTOP50 Gems and 2 Crystal
UpdateSoon50 Gems and 2 Crystal
500KVisitsThankYou500 Gems and 30 Crystal
150KVisitsThankYou150 Gems and 15 Crystal
CriticalShutdown70 Gems
Sub2HOLYSHz15 Gems and 1 Crystal
1KActive3 Crystal
50KVisit100 Gems, and 1 Crystal
100KVisitOMG15 Gems and 1 Crystal
Sub2Imfrom3times15 Gems and 1 Crystal
5KVisits50 Gems and Crystal 5
200Active30 Gems and Crystal 5
Rangers30 Gems and Crystal 1
FreeGemsSoGood30 Gems and Crystal 1
FixBigBugSorrySorry230 Gems and Crystal 1
Sub2NUTNGa15 Gems and Crystal 1
Sub2SilverPond15 Gems and Crystal 1

Please note that the above codes are case-sensitive, so make sure to enter them exactly as shown to redeem your rewards successfully.

How to Redeem Codes:

To redeem the codes in Anime rangers, follow these simple steps:

  1. Simply Roblox App on your Smartphone or PC then Open up Anime Rangers
  2. After the game is loaded you should see a blue tick icon on the left click on it
  3. Enter your code
  4. Hit redeem

Remember, it’s important to keep checking for new codes as they are periodically released by the developers. This would ensure that the codes are still working so you don’t waste your time trying the expired ones!

Outdated Codes:

As codes can expire or become outdated over time, it’s crucial to stay updated. If you come across any codes that are no longer working, please let us know in the comments section below. We appreciate your contribution in keeping this list accurate and up-to-date.  

How can I get New Anime rangers Codes?

You can get newly updated codes by following Anime Rangers on discord. This is the only platform they use for now so hop on to discord to see their new updates!

Why are some of the Codes not Working?

This happens because sometimes the code might have been removed by the developer or rather maybe you input the code with some letters missing. That’s why it’s advisible to be careful and make sure you copy each code as exact to be sure.


If you’ve reached this point of this point you are the real legend. Our main goal is that you enjoy your stay in our website and also you got what you came for. Once again thanks stay awesome, and have a wonderful day!


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