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Zombie Defense Tycoon Codes

Just recently we wrote a post about zombie simulator and the post is about zombies too. Just that this case it’s a switch….. The Roblox game zombie simulator is all about the in game character being the “king” zombie amongst other players. But Zombie Defense Tycoon is way different. This time you’ll be the one on the defense against zombies. The more you do this the more you level up in game with friends.

In today’s blog post we’ll provide the latest zombie defense tycoon codes to help you improve in game performance to help you level up faster.


Additionally, we encourage you to leave comments below if you come across any new codes or if any of the listed codes have become outdated. Let’s dive into the world of Zombie Defense Tycoon and unlock the fantastic rewards that await you!

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What is Zombie Defense Tycoon?

Zombie Defense tycoon is a roblox game created by zood studios. It’s a roblox zombie game where your aim is to protect your base against waves of zombies in order to level up. As you level up in game the more change you get to take down more zombies in a blink.

List of Zombie Defense Tycoon Codes For [month] [year]:

Earlier they have been major codes release in the past but most are already expired. These are the recent active codes for [month] [year].

  • REMASTER1 – to get free cash in game!

Please note that the above codes are case-sensitive, so make sure to enter them exactly as shown to redeem your rewards successfully.

How to Redeem Codes:

To redeem the codes in Zombie Defense Tycoon, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Zombie Defense Tycoon either on your smart phone or your computer through Roblox
  2. After the game is loaded locate the Codes button
  3. Enter your code
  4. Hit redeem

Remember, it’s important to keep checking for new codes as they are periodically released by the developers. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on any exciting rewards!

Outdated Codes:

  • 4000LIK3S
  • 15K!
  • 600LIKES
  • 1200LIKES
  • 2400LIKES
  • SP00KY

source: progameguides

Some may call these above listed codes expired but we call it outdated. As time flies new codes are updated while the previous ones become expired please take note of that.

How can I get New Zombie Defense Tycoon Codes?

How can I get New Zombie Defense Tycoon Codes

The codes we posted on this website we got them from the about us page of zombie defense tycoon on official roblox. So if you want to be updated on newly released zombie defense tycoon codes simply check back regularly through this link.

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Each code listed on this page is verified and regularly updated, ensuring that you have access to the latest and most reliable codes. We understand how important it is to have working codes, so we strive to provide the most accurate information possible.  


With the provided Zombie Defense Tycoon codes, you can unlock a variety of in-game rewards, including Potions, boosts, consumables, items, and more. Make sure to redeem these codes as soon as possible to enhance your gaming experience. We hope you find this comprehensive list helpful, and remember to check back regularly for new codes.



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