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0 Reviews Reviews | Is Legit or Scam? is a website that allows users to earn money by watching videos online. The platform claims to pay users $1 per minute watched, which is an attractive proposition for anyone looking to earn some extra cash. However, it is essential to conduct thorough research before trusting any earning website.


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What is is a website registered 6 months ago, which claims to offer an easy and legitimate way to earn money online. The website claims that users can start earning by watching videos and referring other users to the platform. However, upon closer examination, it appears that is not as advertised.


How Does Work?

The platform that offers to its users is relatively simple. Users are asked to watch videos on the platform and earn money based on how long they watch. However, upon further investigation, it is evident that is not paying users for their viewing time. Instead, they are using users to generate ad revenue for themselves.

How to Earn on

The earning potential on is not as high as it initially seems. The website does not actually pay users for watching videos, but rather exploits their viewing time to generate ad revenue. Users are tricked into believing that they can earn money by watching videos, when in fact they are being used to generate income for the platform. Login

In order to access the platform, users need to create an account and login. However, it is important to note that does not provide any information about the registration process or user login options. This could indicate that the platform is not legitimate and may be a scam. Real or Fake?

After conducting thorough research, it is evident that is not a legitimate earning platform. The website was registered 6 months ago, but lacks any verifiable payment history or customer reviews. Furthermore, the earning mechanism, which involves watching videos for $1 per minute, is highly suspicious and appears to be a ploy to extract ad revenue from unsuspecting users.

Is Legit?

In conclusion, is not a legitimate earning website. It claims to pay users for watching videos, but in reality, they are using users to generate ad revenue for themselves. The website is registered 6 months ago but lacks any credibility or payment history. It is advisable to avoid using and opt for more reliable and trustworthy earning platforms.



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