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Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list September 2024

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list September 2024

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list September 2024

The 7 compilation will bring you a new adventure with Cloud and co. So you’ll need a Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list.

Unless you’re the protagonist of Final Fantasy Ever Crisis, you won’t know your Zacks from your Clouds, so you better get a Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list. To help you in your battle against Sephiroth, we have created this guide to help you choose the best characters from First Soldier to Advent Children.

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis tier list

Prior to getting to the tier list, please note that this information was gathered from the beta and is based on general consensus among those who have played the game. As Final Fantasy Ever Crisis releases and as we receive any updates, we are sure this list will change. Please remember that you can use any character that you like!

TierFinal Fantasy Ever Crisis Character
SAerith, Cloud
ABarret, Matt, Tifa, Zack
BGlenn, Red XXI

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis weapon tier list

The following is how we rank each weapon from Final Fantasy Ever Crisis. This list is a work in progress that may be modified in the future.

TierFinal Fantasy Ever Crisis weapon
S20Apocalypse (Cloud), Apology In Hell (Glenn), Enemy Launcher (Barret), Fairy Tale (Aerith), Falchion (Zack), Hardedge (Cloud), Heavy Hauser (Barret), Mad Minute (Lucia), Murasame (Cloud), Platinum Collar (Red XIII), Prime Number (Matt), Serpent Eater (Lucia), Slick Beetle (Matt), Sonic Striker (Tifa), Tiger Fangs (Tifa), Wizard Staff (Aerith), Zweihander (Zack)
A24Arc Sword (Zack), Assault Gun (Barret), Black Rifle (Lucia), Crewkicker (Glenn), Crystal Sword (Cloud), Crystal Sword (Z) (Zack), Cutlass (Zack), Full Metal Staff (Aerith), Jiggy Fam (Glenn), Junk Collar (Red XIII), Kaiser Knuckles (Tifa), Motor Drive (Tifa), Mythril Rod (Aerith), Mythril Saber (Cloud), Organics (Cloud), Piece of Cake (Glenn), Powersoul (Tifa), Pulse Gun (Lucia), Solid Bazooka (Barret), Stingray (Matt), Wizer Staff (Aerith)
B21Absolute Royal (Matt), Buster Sword (Cloud), Butterfly Edge (Cloud), Core Defender (Matt), Defender (Zack), Enhance Sword (Cloud), Flame Projector (Barret), Guard Stick (Aeirth), Gold Collar (Red XIII), Grand Gloves (Tifa), Heavy Vulcan (Barret), Iron Blade (Cloud), Max Ray (Barret), Noble Collar (Red XIII), Orthodox Raven (Matt), Personal Style (Glenn), Rage Collar (Red XIII), Rubber Collar (Red XIII), Sleek Collar (Red XIII), Tranquilizer Gun (Lucia), V39 (Lucia)
C9Barn Swallow (Lucia), Espee Rapiere Next-G (Matt), Gatling Gun (Barret), Hardcore Squad (Glenn), Leather Collar (Red XIII) Leather Gloves (Tifa), SSR1976 (Lucia), Striking Staff (Aerith), Type-99 Longsword (Zack)

Final Fantasy Ever Crisis skin tier list

A variety of skins are also available for each character, each of which offers passive buffs. Similarly to weapons, we plan to test out each of these post-release and determine which is best suited to a particular character.

How do I perform a Final Fantasy Ever Crisis reroll?

This is information from the beta, so it may be different when the game is fully released. In order to perform an FFEC reroll, follow these steps:

  1. If you want to make extra rolls, make sure you pre-register for rewards!
  2. Play through the tutorial
  3. Make your rolls on one of the available banners
  4. If you’re happy, continue playing. If not continue with the next steps
  5. Head to the settings
  6. Find the delete account button and press it

This is all we have for you for now, check out our Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact tier lists for more content like this.



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