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How to Get to Your Quests in Starfield

How to Get to Your Quests in Starfield

How to Get to Your Quests in Starfield

The HUD in Starfield looks different from previous Bethesda games, so you might wonder how to switch weapons, access maps, or even locate the quest menu. You can easily find your quests in Starfield by following this guide.

How to open your quest menu in Starfield

You have to navigate through several other menu sections to access the quest menu in Starfield. A controller is slightly more complicated compared to a PC, since you can simply press the L key to access your Missions tab.

How to open your quest menu in Starfield

Pressing the Menu button on a console will bring you to your menu, where your current objective is displayed by moving your stick to the bottom of the menu. All your quests will appear directly on the Missions page when you press A or X here. If you prefer, you can also use these steps to get to your missions:

First, press the Menu button on your controller. Open the StarMap menu by clicking the Planet in the upper left corner and pressing A. This will open your main character menu.

How to open your quest menu in Starfield

When you click this, you’ll be taken to your main map menu, where you can see an in-depth view of the planet you’re currently on. Viewing the system in a larger size is also possible by zooming out. On this menu, press the View button on your controller, as shown at the bottom of the screen, to open your Missions.

Upon clicking this, you will be taken to your Missions or Quests menu, where you can view all of the quests you’re currently working on. By switching between the tabs, you can sort them by categories, such as Main quests, side quests divided into Misc and Activity, or Faction and Missions quests you receive from your faction or mission board. Set your current goal and track your quests by pressing on any of the quests listed in the menu. You will also have choices to Set Course or Show on Map if they happen to be on different planets than you are currently on.

The missions in the game are a wonderful way to discover new characters, places, and items, as well as to level up, so make sure you pick them up and complete them as often as you can.

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