Home loan Link Credit Loan App Review | Loan N50,000 Easy & Quick!

Link Credit Loan App Review | Loan N50,000 Easy & Quick!

Link Credit Loan App Review | Loan N50,000 Easy & Quick!

Link Credit Loan App Review | Is Link Credit Legit or Scam?

What’s good wonderful people, a new app has been discovered, known as LinkCredit. Link credit loan app is an app that you can use to borrow fast money and payback with an interest.


If you live in a country like Nigeria, you definitely need Link credit loan app, due to “SAPA” and other necessary needs. I know this would be amazing and you would definitely want to download Link credit app immediately.

But the fact is that you don’t know anything about link credit app, like if this link credit app is legit, or if the interest rate is too high, and other important things.


To know all about this link credit app, we created this link credit loan app review JUST FOR YOU!

This link credit app review is very insightful, as it would guide you through how to go about this new Link credit loan app, and the official website “

In this insightful review, we’ll give answers to all questions about, which includes: review, how does link credit loan app work, link credit loan app Login, link credit loan app sign up, link credit loan app Referral, link credit loan app contact, is link credit app legit or scam, and more.

By the end of this article our team, is sure you must have arrived at a solid decision on if link credit loan app is legit, safe or scam, or maybe fake, as we assure every piece of information provided is authentic.


Without wasting more time, let’s get started with link credit loan app review.

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Link credit loan app Review

In this link credit app review, we’ll touch on various aspects of, which would help you know if this new make-money website can be trusted or fraudulent.

Also please note: This review doesn’t verify it all, so in the nearest future things might change and if anything goes wrong we won’t be held responsible for any reason.


Link Credit Services and Investment Limited is a private limited liability company with operations funded by private investments. It was established in 2014 to provide credit lines to medium-level and higher-income earners whose needs are not catered for by tier-one financial institutions. This company simply receive funds from private individuals with idle funds at an agreed rate, and use these funds to meet the need of the target market at a premium but competitive rate.

  • URL availability to Google: Yes is on Google, which makes it easier for new visitors to discover on search engines.
  • Website Security: Yes is a secured website. They use an extended SSL certificate to secure their website from spammers, to keep visitors’ data safe.
  • Performance & Design: link credit design is structured the way a loan website should be constructed. The performance is great, the loading time is not more than 3 sec, and lastly, it’s Mobile and PC friendly.
  • Contact Us and About Us Pages: Yes, has Contact Us and About Us pages.
  • Social Media Accounts: These are social media accounts: Facebook: Yes, Twitter: None, Instagram: Yes.

Which Country is Eligible to Loan Money on Link Credit Loan App

Link credit is a Nigerian-based loan app, which means it only supports people residing in Nigeria.

Who is the owner of Link Credit Loan App

The owner of Link credit app is Ola Saadu, he is the Managing Director & CEO.

How does Link Credit App Work

How does Link Credit App Work

To get started and loan money from link credit, you need a phone number, valid identity card and you must be above 18 years old.

The maximum loan amount is ₦50,000, Loan limit range ₦2,000 – ₦50,000 and you can choose to repay in 91-180 days. Monthly Interest and service fee range 1% – 3%. The annual percentage Rate (APR) ranges 12%—36%, Online approval and the loan is issued directly to your bank account. Timely repayment gets higher credit on LinkCredit.

LinkCredit Features

  • Loan of up to ₦50,000
  • Online approval
  • Loan without collateral. Free registration. Calculation of loan limit is free.

How to Loan Money on Link Credit Loan App

To loan money on link credit is very easy, all you need to follow these easy steps.

1. Download link Credit Loan App from Play store.

2. Open the Link Credit App, input your phone number, and complete the registration.

3.  Verify your identity, get a limit, and take the loan. Remember the maximum loan limit for starters is N50,000, the more you loan the more your loan limit increase.

Link Credit Referral | How to Refer and earn on Link Credit loan App

Unfortunately, link credit doesn’t offer a Referral program the this was published.

Link Credit Loan Interest Rate

Link Credit Loan Interest Rate

If you borrow ₦10,000 and choose to repay in 3 months, then your monthly interest and service charges will be 1%, a total of 3% for 3 months. Therefore, we will charge you ₦300 interest and service fee for the entire repayment term. Your total repayment is ₦10300.

Link Credit App Sign Up | How to create an account on Link Credit App

To learn how to Sign up on the Link Credit App follow this guide.

1. Download the Link Credit App from the Play store.

2. Open the Link Credit App, input your phone number, and then complete the necessary steps.

Link Credit App Login | How to Login to Link Credit App

To learn how to Login to Link Credit App follow this guide.

1. Open the Link Credit App on your Phone.

2. Input your existing phone number, and that’s all.

Link Credit Customer care number

This is the Link Credit loan customer number, which means that you can use it to reach Link Credit loan for support.

  • Phone Number: 09137100511
  • Address: Not Disclosed.

Is Link Credit App legit or Scam?

Bruhhh, I like link credit app their loan interest rate is good & their customer service is okay. But the one thing that they need to fix about their application is the registration process. Sometimes even having a stable network, the link credit app doesn’t load up.

Another issue is creating an account on Link Credit App. Sometimes you get an error like location is disabled, unable to proceed to the next step of registration due to network issue, and more.

With all these errors of not being able to loan money from the link Credit App, people now see link credit app as a waste of time. Link Credit support team need to do something about their App issues.

Apart from the link Credit App issues, the link credit loan app is legit and safe to loan money from.



Thanks so much for reading this insightful Review till the end, that’s all for the link credit review, if there is more you want to add to this review, feel free to comment down below.



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