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If you want to win free stuff that you can be redeemable into your wallet or local bank account, just stick around because this review is perfect for you!


A new platform called is trending right now. The reason why this is happening is that luckywin has a website in some African countries like Nigeria apart from Kenya.

Anyways allows you bid on their platform in order to win prizes. Apart from that you can also play games to earn cash, spin wheel and many other exciting ways to earn that would be explained better in this review.


In this insightful review, we’ll give answers to all questions about, which includes: review, how does work, how to earn money on, Login, sign up, Referral, contact, is legit or scam, and more.

By the end of this article our team, is sure you must have arrived at a solid decision on if luckywin is legit, safe or scam, or maybe fake, as we assure every piece of information provided is authentic.

Without wasting more time, let’s get started with luckywin review.


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In this review, we’ll touch on various aspects of, which would help you know if this new make-money website can be trusted or fraudulent.

Also please note: This luckywin review doesn’t verify it all, so in the nearest future things might change and if anything goes wrong we won’t be held responsible for any reason.

About claims to be a licensed casino website in Kenya. This platform allows you to place bids on products, and in return you get paid. Also was registered in 2024-01-16, which means it was created in January 2024.

  • URL availability to Google: Yes is on Google, which makes it easier for new visitors to discover on search engines.
  • Website Security: Yes is a secured website. They use an extended SSL certificate to secure their website from spammers, in order to keep visitors’ data safe.
  • Performance & Design: interface is just like a mini casino, you hardly understand what’s going on because there too many things animating around. Apart from that the website works great on Mobile, but that we’ll on PC due to the fact that this website isn’t desktop friendly.
  • Contact Us and About Us Pages: Yes, has Contact Us and About Us pages.
  • Social Media Accounts: These are social media accounts: Facebook: Yes, Twitter: Yes, Instagram: Yes.

Which Country is Eligible to Work on

For now, supports almost all countries including, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and more.

Who is the owner of

Unfortunately, the owner of is yet to be known at the time this article was published.

How does Work | How to Earn Money on

How does Work | How to Earn Money on

Like being said in the beginning of this luckywin review, this platform is like a mini-casino that all things like betting, playing games, spinning wheels and more can be done on!

So to get started you need to register an account, which requires you to provide a valid email address for you to complete the registration.

When you are fully registered on this platform, you’ll have to fund your account which will give you access to bid, play games, spin, poker, and more. Alright, there you have it, that’s how works. Sign Up | How to create an account on

To learn how to Sign up on follow this guide.

Registering an account on only requires a valid Kenya number.

1. Click on this link to be redirected to sign up page.

2. Input your mobile number and password, and then click on Register. Wowza you just created an account easy. Login | How to Login to

To learn how to Login in follow this guide.

1. Go to login page, by clicking on this link.

2. Input your phone number and password, and then click on login. That’s how to login to Referral | How to Refer and earn on

Referrals on would earn you a commission, so keep referring friends and families to earn more and more commission. App Download

This platform also has an app which you can download and earn easy without stress. To download luckywin app just go to the website, at the top click on download.

How do I get paid by | Withdrawal

Any prize won on can be redeemed via wallet, bank account, and mobile money. And for now, I’m not sure if there is a threshold to withdraw money from Payment Proof

Unfortunately, this platform is so new, and due to that fact, no payment proof record of was found on the internet.

Is legit or Scam? is a platform that involves investing to win, and it’s is clearly stated on their website that you must be above 18 to play the game.

What this meant is that if you lose your money after placing a bid, you should know it’s normal because you are above 18.

So if you are planning to use this website for casinos, placing bids, and more, you are definitely doing it at your own risk.

Disclaimer: Investments platforms like are known to be a Ponzi Scheme because anything might happen suddenly and your money would be gone like smoke, in some cases such websites might not be active anymore or stop replying to members mail for customer support. So in short, such websites can never be trusted.



Thanks so much for reading this article till the end, that’s all for the review, if there is more you want to add to this review, feel free to comment down below.



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