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My Voice Surveys Reviews ( Is My Voice Survey Legit or Scam, My Voice Survey Sign Up and Login

My Voice Surveys Reviews ( Is My Voice Survey Legit or Scam, My Voice Survey Sign Up and Login
My Voice Surveys Reviews ( Is My Voice Survey Legit or Scam, My Voice Survey Sign Up and Login

My voice surveys is an online survey website, made for internet users all over the globe that you can earn cool cash voicing out your opinion to the public.

Apart from my voice surveys, you can also earn doing other things like sharing your opinions on food and topics, TV shows, and more.


To earn from myvoice-surveys all you need is your valid email address, password then Sign up to After signing up, you can earn more by referring friends to join my voice surveys so that they can earn too.

But the sad part about this is that my voice surveys didn’t disclose the amount you’ll be paid after inviting an individual.


For now here are the supported countries that can work on myvoice-surveys website, the countries are Nigeria, United States, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ghana, and more countries.

In this guide we’ll cover all question about my voice surveys, which includes, my voice survey login, my voice sign up, myvoice surveys, my voice surveys review, is my voice surveys legit or scam and more.

So feel free and read till the end of this article to learn how does my voice surveys work. Without wasting more time let’s start with my voice surveys review.



My voice Surveys Review

My voice surveys have a lot of things you need to discover and we are here to help you with that. So far working and browsing through

I found out that their surveys are very simple to go about, although the amount they pay for completing surveys is too small compared to other surveys website. I don’t know why maybe it depends on the country, I’m yet to find out.

Low earnings My Voice Surveys

But apart from that, is a very good website to try out!

What is My voice surveys?

Myvoice-surveys is an online data entry website, specially created for users who are ready to share their opinion with the world. And with this, a user can earn money through rewards for just voicing out their opinions.

Also, my voice datadiggers are both incorporated. When I mean incorporated, it means my voice surveys were created by datadiggers, for more info visit datadiggers and find out.

How does My Voice surveys Works? is also straightforward and easy to understand like other survey websites.

My voice surveys pays you after completing a survey on their website which can be up to 20 dollars per survey depending on the country you are located. So the money you make from my voice isn’t fixed, which means the more surveys you complete the more you earn.

Also don’t be scared about running out of surveys, because myvoice-surveys are really updated. Myvoice-surveys would update you through your email anytime there is an available survey.

My Voice Survey Sign Up

To sign up for my voice surveys is not difficult, all you need is your email. To learn how to sign up to please read this guide carefully.

1. Visit, on the main screen click on Register.

2. After clicking on Register you’ll be redirected to the sign up page, scroll down, and input your personal details like first and last name, email, year of birth, gender, and postal code.

My Voice Surveys Sign Up

After that tick on “I have read and agree to privacy policy“, and then click on submit.

3. Now you’ll have to verify your email address, go to your email account then verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to you by My voice survey.

4. After verifying the link, you just successfully created an account with

My Voice Survey Login

Same as creating an account, but login is more easier.

1. Visit, then click on the navigation menu in the top right corner of the page.

2. After that click on SIGN IN.

3. Input the email address and password you used while creating an account with my voice surveys, then click on Login. That’s all.

My Voice Survey Referral

The main reason I don’t like myvoice-surveys Referral is that they don’t tell you how much you get to earn after referring someone to join their website, which is not encouraging.

Anyways in order to get your referral link, follow these steps.

1. Go to my voice survey dashboard on your account.

2. Click on the navigation menu on the left side of the page, after that click on “Invite a friend“.

3. After that scroll down then paste the email address of the user you want to invite in the empty space and then click on Invite now.

Referral My Voice Surveys

Now an invitation message of invitation would be sent directly to the user you invited.

Does My Voice Survey Pay?

The answer is yes, my voice survey pays! But the weird part about this website is that they pay a very low amount to 25-30 Minutes surveys, which means you can’t even huge from

My Voice Surveys Tasks

My Voice Surveys Dashboard
  • Complete Surveys
  • Refer friends to join My Voice Survey
  • Earn Rewards through Suregifts and Amazon

My Voice Surveys Payout Method

For now, only have two methods of withdrawal which are Amazon and Suregifts. For one reason they didn’t include PayPal, which most users are complaining about. Once you reach the threshold of 10 dollars/euro you’ll be able to withdraw your earning to these sources.

  • Amazon
  • Suregifts

Is My Voice Surveys Legit or Scam

My Voice Survey is a legitimate website because if they scam they would ask to invest on their website before signing up. And apart from that really value the time of their customers, which means their customer’s support is active.

Also, they have social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube which can be another way of contacting them in case if you have any questions or problems to solve.

So feel free to work with this website, cause My Voice Survey is a safe website for now. Although we’ll still keep an eye on them in case anything goes wrong in the future.



That’s all for the My Voice Survey review, if there is more you know about this website, feel free to share your thoughts by dropping a comment down below. For more reviews like this kindly follow us on our Facebook page so that you won’t miss out on our latest upload!



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