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Sonic Superstars Walkthrough and Guide

Sonic Superstars Walkthrough and Guide

Sonic Superstars Walkthrough and Guide

Hello and welcome to our comprehensive guide on Sonic Superstars, the latest installment in the beloved Sonic platforming franchise. In this guide, we will guide you through the world of Sonic Superstars, providing you with essential tips and tricks to help you conquer the game.

Chaos Emeralds and Emerald Powers

One of the key elements of any Sonic game is the Chaos Emeralds. In Sonic Superstars, there are seven Chaos Emeralds to collect, each granting you a unique Emerald Power. Here’s how to locate each Emerald and power them up:

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Sonic Superstars Walkthrough 100%

Sonic Superstars Guide: Boss Strategies

Bridge Island – Act 2 Dr. Eggman Boss

The first Eggman boss in Sonic the Hedgehog is relatively easy, but it has the potential to catch players off guard if they are not careful. This boss takes two distinct forms throughout the battle, each requiring a unique approach.

In the first form, the boss is ground-based with legs attached to it. In this phase, it is crucial to jump onto the robot’s head when it is lowered to the ground. The boss will then tilt forward and spin its arms around, creating a window of opportunity for Sonic to jump over the arms and strike the head.

Additionally, the boss will fire mines at Sonic from a distance. However, these mines can be taken advantage of. By jumping or quickly moving out of the way, the mine will lodge into the ground. Players can then jump on top of the mine, effectively sending it back to Eggman.

In the second phase, the boss takes to the air, presenting a different challenge. When Eggman is airborne, players need to again jump on its head when it reaches a low enough altitude. It is important to avoid the boss’s charging attacks during this phase.

By mastering the strategies outlined in the first two phases, players can successfully navigate the first Eggman boss with ease.

Speed Jungle – Act 2 Dr. Eggman Boss

For the second Eggman boss of the game, players will not be able to damage the boss directly. Instead, they must utilize its own attacks to defeat the opponent. The boss possesses three distinct moves: mechanical tentacles shooting across the stage, swinging its boulder-like body to hit players, and firing missiles at the ground.

During the mechanical tentacle attack, players can take advantage of the tentacles themselves as platforms. By climbing onto them and reaching higher ground, they can position the red target accurately. When the tentacle shoots out, players should guide it to hit the boss instead of Sonic.

Subsequently, the boss will swing its body around in an attempt to hit Sonic. To evade this attack, players should simply remain stationed in one of the two lower corners of the arena. When the boss gets too close, simply jump to avoid being hit.

When the boss fires missiles at the ground, players should watch out for a larger, blue-colored missile. By maneuvering underneath it and jumping up to it, players can knock it back toward the boss. This maneuver provides an opportunity to deal damage to the boss.

Sky Temple – Act 2 Dr. Eggman Boss

In the realm of ‘Sky Temple’, the upcoming boss battle will take you to new heights. This encounter features two distinct phases that the boss will alternate between as you deal damage.

During the initial phase, you will find yourself airborne, tasked with evading the boss’s projectile assaults. Once the boss stops firing, you will land on a platform. However, this platform will soon shatter, sending you soaring through the air once again.

As you navigate the shattered platforms, keep an eye out for the boss’s approach. When the boss descends low enough, seize the opportunity to leap up and strike its underbelly. However, be wary of additional projectile attacks and the spinning fan located beneath the platforms.

As the boss approaches the end of its life, it will target one of the platforms and slam into it. To avoid being caught up in the chaos, simply hop out of the way. Once the boss is vulnerable, take the opportunity to jump on top of the boss and deal the final blow.

Remember, the key to victory in this battle is to stay alert and adapt to the changing phases. With careful maneuvering and skillful timing, you can emerge victorious in this boss encounter in ‘Sky Temple’.

Pinball Carnival – Act 2 Dr. Eggman Boss

In order to defeat this particular boss, it is crucial that the timing of your jumps is precise. This boss, Dr. Eggman, is equipped with two spinning wheels that he will occasionally use to launch bombs at you. To dodge these bombs, simply run or jump away from them.

After a while, you will have the opportunity to use the wheels to your advantage. By timing your jumps correctly and aiming in the right direction, you can use the wheels to launch yourself towards Eggman and inflict damage. However, it is crucial to be patient and take the time to gauge the correct moment before attempting any jumps.

In between these phases, Eggman will fire green balls of fire that will travel along the ground in a back and forth motion. The trick is to simply follow their pattern and ensure that you stay out of its path. By avoiding these projectiles, you can avoid getting hurt.

Lagoon City – Act 2 Dr. Eggman Boss

The boss in this level is relatively easy to navigate, although you’ll need to be careful with your oxygen supply as you’ll be underwater most of the time. To progress through the level, you’ll need to jump up the platforms and slam into the red section of the machine, which is located just below Eggman himself. To reach the platforms, you can use the currents provided by Eggman’s missiles to lift yourself up.

As you continue to progress, the level will shift from a vertical arena to a horizontal one. Here, the same rules apply: Use the currents to reach Eggman and deal damage to him. If you encounter a situation where your oxygen timer starts to deplete, it’s wise to grab a few bubbles to restore your health.

Overall, this boss provides a relatively easy-going challenge, allowing you to focus mainly on managing your oxygen supply and using the currents to your advantage.

Sand Sanctuary – Act 2 Dr. Eggman Boss

In this next boss fight, there are several methods available to inflict damage on the enemy. One approach is to avoid the giant slabs that fall from above by jumping precisely as they land. By doing so, you can evade any potential harm.

Additionally, during the battle, Eggman will deploy a Penguin Badnik that will burrow underground towards Sonic. When this Badnik emerges, take the opportunity to jump onto it and send it flying towards Eggman. This maneuver will not only cause damage to the boss but also provide you with an opportunity to deal additional strikes.

Furthermore, Eggman will periodically launch himself upward from underground to attack Sonic. To anticipate his movements, be mindful of the slabs on the ground. If the slabs vibrate, it serves as a hint as to where Eggman will emerge. When he does, make sure to quickly jump aside to avoid getting hit. After evading the attack, seize the opportunity to hop on the machine’s head to deal further damage. Repeat this strategy as many times as necessary to defeat the boss.

Press Factory – Act 2 Dr. Eggman Boss

In keeping with the theme of this Zone, Dr. Eggman wields a giant press that he will slam into the ground toward Sonic. Once he winds up his final attack, dash under the robot’s legs. The press will land on the ground, stunning Eggman briefly. Jump onto its head to deal damage.

During this battle, Eggman will employ various tactics to challenge Sonic. He will raise his giant press and fire projectiles at Sonic. Sonic must dodge these projectiles by jumping, but be careful, as the weapon will constantly keep Sonic locked in its sights.

To defeat Eggman, Sonic will need to employ a consistent strategy. Keep repeating this same method. Dash under the robot’s legs at the opportune time and bash its head from behind. By consistently timing his dashes and using his speed, Sonic can inflict significant damage on the robot, weakening its defenses and paving the way for a victorious finish.

Cyber Station – Dr. Eggman Boss

After completing this single-act zone, you will come face to face with not one, but two formidable opponents: Dr. Eggman and Mecha Sonic. The zone consists of three main phases, each presenting unique challenges.

The first phase features Mecha Sonic firing projectiles in a zig-zag pattern across the screen. It is imperative that you avoid these projectiles as they make their way towards you. Once Mecha Sonic lands on the left-hand side of the screen, take the opportunity to jump onto its body to deal damage to it. Repeat this process twice to progress to the next phase.

In the second phase, Mecha Sonic takes to the skies and gains a fancy flying contraption. It will fire lasers towards Sonic, so make sure to jump when these lasers intersect with Sonic’s path. Mecha Sonic will then charge at Sonic from the left-hand side, giving you the opportunity to jump either on top or underneath to deal damage. Repeat this process twice more to advance to the next phase.

In the final phase, Mecha Sonic undergoes a significant transformation and becomes even bigger. It now uses a red targeting reticle to launch small robots. These small robots will land on the ground, and it is crucial that you avoid their impact. When they land and become dazed, you can jump on them to hurl them back at Mecha Sonic. Repeat this process multiple times to defeat Mecha Sonic and progress through the zone.

Mecha Sonic will periodically shoot the ground, so it is important to jump to avoid this. After doing so, it will move to swipe at Sonic from the left. When Mecha Sonic prepares this move, jump in its head. Repeat this process two times and the mission will be successfully completed.

Frozen Base – Act 2 Dr. Eggman Boss

Given the nature of this boss as the penultimate one, it should not be considered overly challenging. Your main task will be to navigate through the skies in Eggman’s ship, all while continuously pressing ‘A’ to unleash your firepower.

The boss will present itself in two forms. Initially, it will fire green projectiles from its mouth. To effectively counter this attack, simply aim your weapon at its mouth and fire while it is open, being careful to avoid any damage.

In its second form, the boss will transform into a giant Eggman head that will launch projectiles from above. Furthermore, it will be surrounded by individual shields that will rotate around it. To defeat the boss, it is crucial to maintain a constant barrage of shots. Although the shields may seem formidable, they will gradually deplete their health as you continue to shoot.

Egg Fortress – Act 2 Dr. Eggman Final Boss

To make up for the previous boss, this new one presents a significant challenge. During the first phase of the battle, Sonic will encounter Eggman’s mech on a circular platform. The mech will launch a series of missiles from its head, one of which is larger and blue in color. Take note of whether the blue missile originates from the left or right side of Eggman’s head as this will determine its trajectory. When the opportunity arises, jump into the missile to launch it back towards Eggman. It is crucial to ensure that he is facing away from you when you do so.

Between the missile attacks, Eggman will implement two methods to harm Sonic. The first involves the formation of a force field with clear gaps for jumping. When the force field expands out, it is imperative to time your jumps to pass through the gap safely. The second method involves the launch of electric projectiles while the floor beneath Sonic is collapsing. To evade damage, be vigilant and quick on your feet, making strategic jumps to avoid being hit.

Remember, this new boss is designed to be a difficult test for Sonic, requiring a combination of speed, agility, and strategy to overcome.

The second phase involves Eggman closely pursuing Sonic from behind. To deal damage during this stage, wait until Eggman slams both of his hands against the platform. While his head remains lowered, take the opportunity to jump and attack.

However, Eggman possesses three other attacks that can pose a significant threat. Firstly, he will temporarily disable gravity while firing electrical projectiles at Sonic. To evade damage, carefully float around until gravity is reinstated. Secondly, he’ll unleash a series of beams that you’ll need to dodge by jumping at the last possible moment.

Lastly, Eggman will spin rapidly, causing the ground around him to become unstable. To avoid being hit by this attack, continuously move swiftly and jump over the raised platforms that emerge. Be cautious, as the shockwaves resulting from Eggman’s spin attack may cause you to fall off the platform altogether.

In order to defeat the boss, you’ll need to deal damage a total of six times. If you find yourself having difficulty, consider using the Avatar Emerald Power to unleash multiple attacks simultaneously.

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