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The Cgc Reholder Scam: A Prime Example of Fraud and Abuse in the Comic Book Industry

The Cgc Reholder Scam

The Cgc Reholder Scam: A Prime Example of Fraud and Abuse in the Comic Book Industry

The comic book industry has long been a thriving market, captivating collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. However, in recent years, there has been a concerning trend that highlights the need for increased vigilance and consumer protection. The Cgc Reholder Scam, in particular, has shed light on the vulnerabilities within the slabbed book industry, raising questions about the integrity of the product and the potential for fraud and abuse.

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The Artificial Market

One of the key aspects of the Cgc Reholder Scam is the artificial market it has created. Slabbing, the process of sealing comic books in airtight plastic cases, has become increasingly popular. Collectors are willing to pay a premium for these slabbed books, believing they offer protection and increase the value of their investments. However, this artificially inflated market has led to a surge of unethical practices, including reholder scams.

The Quality of Slabbed Books

Setting aside the artificial market, the quality of the slabbed books themselves leaves much to be desired. Upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that the slabs are not constructed with durability in mind. In fact, it is not uncommon to see cracked or damaged slabs, revealing the substandard quality of the materials. This not only diminishes the visual appeal of the books but also raises questions about the integrity of the packaging.

The Manipulation of Slabs

What is even more concerning is how easily the slabs can be tampered with and manipulated. Collectors who purchase slabbed books are often unaware that the inner sealed envelope, which is supposed to contain the actual comic book, can be easily removed. This opens up the door for fraudulent activity, where collectors can exchange or modify the contents of the slab, resulting in a book that does not match the description or grade advertised.

My Personal Experience

As a collector of mid-grade silver-age books, I have personally experienced the pitfalls of the Cgc Reholder Scam. While I do occasionally purchase slabbed books when the price is right, I am always cautious and open to inspecting the product thoroughly. To my surprise, I have found that it is surprisingly easy to crack open the slabs without damaging them. In fact, on more than one occasion, I have been able to slip the book out of the bottom of the case without any difficulty.

The Implications

When I can easily crack open the slabs or remove the inner sleeve without causing significant damage, it raises serious questions about the integrity of the slabbed book industry. If a simple act like slipping the book out can compromise the integrity of the case, what potential is there for fraudulent activities to occur? It is evident that the current system is flawed and susceptible to abuse, leaving collectors and enthusiasts vulnerable to scams and dishonest practices.


The Cgc Reholder Scam serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that exist within the comic book industry. The artificial market created by slabbing has created a breeding ground for fraud and abuse, while the quality of the slabbed product is subpar. The ease with which slabs can be tampered with and manipulated further erodes trust in this once-respected segment of the market. As collectors, it is crucial to remain vigilant and skeptical of slabbed books, ensuring that we make informed decisions based on thorough research and due diligence. By challenging the status quo and demanding accountability, we can work towards a more reliable and trustworthy comic book collecting community.


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