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The Everything Depot Scam: Unraveling the Mystery

The Everything Depot Scam

The Everything Depot Scam: Unraveling the Mystery

The internet is a vast marketplace, offering convenience and a wide range of products to consumers. However, it is essential to exercise caution when conducting online transactions, as scams and fraudulent activities lurk around every corner. One such scam that has recently caught our attention is the Everything Depot scam. In this post, we will explore the details of this scam and shed light on why it is crucial for consumers to be vigilant when shopping online.

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Understanding the Scam

The Everything Depot scam involves an online retailer that claims to sell power equipment for attractive prices. As a power equipment dealer, we often research the prices of various products to ensure that our pricing remains competitive. While conducting such searches, we came across the Everything Depot website, which displayed a stunning deal on a mower. The price listed for the mower seemed too good to be true, as it was significantly lower compared to what we typically expect to pay.

Intrigued by this discrepancy, we decided to delve deeper into the matter. Our first red flag was the lack of background information on the Everything Depot website. Typically, a reputable company will provide details such as the company’s history, ownership, and staff. However, the Everything Depot website lacked such crucial information, raising suspicions about its authenticity.

Investigating the Address

To gather more evidence, we copied and pasted the address provided by the Everything Depot website into an online property database. To our surprise, the address led us to a residential building in Redmond, Washington. Further research revealed that the property details indicated that the building was a multi-dwelling residential building, rather than a commercial establishment. This further added to our suspicions that something was amiss with the Everything Depot scam.


The Everything Depot scam serves as a reminder of the potential dangers lurking in the online marketplace. By conducting thorough research, paying attention to details, and verifying the authenticity of online sellers, consumers can protect themselves from falling into these traps.

It is crucial for consumers to remain vigilant and exercise caution when shopping online. By staying informed and skeptical of too good to be true deals, we can safeguard ourselves from falling victim to fraudulent activities.


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