Home Walkthrough The Mimic Chapter 3 Walkthrough and Guide: The Shipwreck – Part 1

The Mimic Chapter 3 Walkthrough and Guide: The Shipwreck – Part 1

The Mimic Chapter 3 Walkthrough and Guide

The Mimic Chapter 3 Walkthrough and Guide: The Shipwreck – Part 1

The Mimic Chapter 3 is the third installment in the popular Roblox game, and it brings players to a whole new level of challenges and surprises. In this chapter, players are transported to a ship, where they must navigate through various obstacles to escape. As they delve deeper into the story, they encounter three new monsters and uncover more secrets about the twisted world they are trapped in.

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The Shipwreck – Part 1:

In the first part of this section, your objective is to escape from the shipwreck. While exploring the ship, you will discover several pages that cannot be interacted with. However, these pages hold valuable lore that provides a backstory of the twisted world of the game.

In order to escape, you need to find a code that unlocks the door leading out of the ship. Once you have successfully escaped, you will find yourself in a Sakura forest. However, this Sakura forest is not a peaceful sanctuary. There is a formidable monster lurking in the shadows, known as Kaito.

In addition to the monster, there are several lanterns positioned along the pathway leading to important areas within the forest. These lanterns have a 50% chance of providing protection from the hostile Kaito, but only during Nightmare Mode. Therefore, it is crucial to be cautious and rely on your instincts when navigating through the forest.

Remember, the first part of this section sets the stage for your perilous journey ahead. As the story unfolds, you will encounter new challenges and secrets that test your survival skills. Stay tuned for the second part, where even more thrilling developments await you!

In the depths of the forest, lies a humble little hut. Inside the hut lies a small puzzle, waiting to be solved. Upon completing the mini-puzzle, a hidden cabinet will be revealed, containing a blade. This blade must be offered to the ancient well in exchange to open the seal within the cave. Only by breaking the seal will you gain access to the mystical realm that lies beyond.

As you step through the threshold of the seal, you are immediately transported to a watery domain. To your surprise, hands reach out from each side, ready to grab you. Should you fall victim to these hands, you will face certain death. In this treacherous environment, Kintoru, the cunning sorcerer, taunts you, questioning your true intentions. He asks if you are still driven by a desire to reunite with your beloved companions or if your focus has solely shifted to mere survival.

As you delve deeper into the puzzle, the witch appears, revealing a dark secret. She tells you that the fluttering butterfly spirits you encountered are not just mere apparitions, but rather the souls that once belonged to your dear friends. The witch warns that harnessing these spirits comes with a grave consequence – the destruction of your friends’ souls.

To progress to part 2 of chapter 3, you must reach the top of the towering tree and locate a butterfly spirit. Once you have captured the butterfly spirit, place it upon a pedestal. This act will unlock the door, granting you passage to the next phase of your journey.

Remember, as you delve deeper into the mystery, every move must be weighed carefully. The choices you make will not only determine your own fate but also the fate of those you hold dear.

Once you have completed this task, the lady will pursue you for utilizing the butterfly spirit, even though you are aware that it is the souls belonging to your friends. Using them will cause harm to your friends’ souls. Following the encounter, you will then teleport to the second part of chapter 3.

The Skull Maze Of The 4 Beasts – Part 2:

You are now in a room in your home, where you must find a key in order to exit. Once you exit the room, you will enter a hallway, where you will be tasked with finding a blade, a rose, and a corrupted spirit. The blade is located in the first room to the right. The second room to the right contains a key, which will open a room at the end of the hallways. The rose can be found in that room. The third room to the right houses the corrupted spirit. To go back to the room with the statue that has pedestals near it, simply retrace your steps. Once you have placed all the items inside their respective pedestals, the locked door down the hallway will open, allowing you to proceed forward. Upon reaching this door, you will be transported to a hallway with the words “Am I pretty?” written on the walls. Take the next turn, and Mihari will suddenly appear through the window, startling you before disappearing. At the end of the hallway, you will find an entrance to a house with numerous rooms. There is a statue behind a pot emitting smoke.

At the end of the hallway, there is a door that leads to a house containing numerous rooms. Inside, you will find a peculiar statue positioned behind a container emitting smoke. Additionally, there is a blocked-off door within the room. To complete the task, you are required to locate and ring five bells throughout the house. However, it is crucial to avoid encountering the mischievous puppet named Mihari. She is forbidden from entering the room with the statue and smoke pot. One of the bells is hidden behind a fallen wardrobe, another is under a table, one is concealed inside a cabinet, one is strategically placed next to the television, and another is found next to a plant. Once you have completed ringing all the bells, the next step is to acquire the soul from Mihari herself and burn it in the object emitting smoke. To seize her soul, you must be in close proximity to her without sustaining any damage. There will be a prompt on the screen allowing you to press a button, allowing you to grab the soul. Occasionally, Mihari will disappear from sight, but you can still grab the soul from her. (Tip: the most effective strategy is to lead her into the room with the statue and attempt to seize her soul right as you enter the room, as Mihari cannot enter it.) A cutscene will unfold, showcasing the blocked-off door opening.

CAPTAIN China’s lair – Part 3:

In this part, you find yourself teleported back to the house. However, everything seems unsettlingly dark and disturbing. As you enter the room, you are greeted by a chilling sight. A monster lies lifeless on the floor, its lifeless body a testament to the events that have occurred.

As you survey the surroundings, your attention is drawn to the locked door that stands before you. It appears to be sealed shut, preventing any unauthorized access. However, to your surprise, you notice a key lying on the ground near the dead monster. Intrigued, you pick it up and examine it carefully.

Upon closer examination, you realize that the key has the power to unlock the door. With a newfound sense of determination, you insert the key into the lock and turn it, unlocking the door. As you cautiously step through, you find yourself entering a passageway.

As you navigate through the passageway, you can’t help but feel a sense of unease. The air is thick with anticipation, and your senses are on high alert. Suddenly, without warning, you come across a series of jump scares that catch you off guard. These jumpscares trick you by leading you in one direction, only to quickly turn you around and send you in the opposite direction.

Determined to get to the bottom of this mysterious situation, you continue forward, pushing through the fear and uncertainty. The passageway eventually leads you to a cave. Upon entering, you are greeted by a sight that is both awe-inspiring and terrifying.

In the depths of the cave, you encounter a giant centipede-like creature, its massive form casting a shadow across the room. It appears to be an Omukade, a mythical creature known for its speed and deadly venom.

As you cautiously approach the creature, you notice four pillars positioned throughout the cave. These pillars are adorned with intricate designs, each adorned with menacing skulls. However, closer inspection reveals that there is more than just decoration to these pillars.

Upon closer examination, you realize that the skulls on each pillar are not mere decorations but rather switches. By clicking on each skull and forming the correct pattern, you can turn the pillars from red to green. However, be warned that these patterns are randomly generated, so there is no fixed pattern to follow.

It is your task to navigate through the cave, carefully clicking on the skulls and turning the pillars to the correct color. Every step you take brings you closer to solving the puzzle and unlocking the path to freedom.

But be warned, this journey will not be an easy one. The Omukade lurks in the shadows, ready to strike at any moment. With every click, the tension in the room increases, and your senses are heightened to their highest alert.

It is up to you to use your wits and problem-solving skills to navigate the cave and uncover the truth behind this mysterious entity. Only by successfully turning the pillars to green will you be able to escape the cave and confront the creature that dwells within.

But beware, for in this part of the journey, the line between reality and nightmares blurs, and the line between friend and foe becomes uncertain. Only time will tell if you will emerge victorious or if you will be consumed by the darkness that lurks within.

During the process of completing these tasks, it is crucial to remain vigilant as the centipede monster will actively attack you. Unlike other types of monsters, it is not an instant kill but rather drains your health gradually, depending on the number of times or duration of contact. To effectively combat this threat, it is recommended to utilize the Ancient Fan or the Corrupted Lantern. Upon successfully navigating the puzzle, the exit will unlock, leading you into a hallway. As you traverse this hallway, the Witch will inform you that the monsters you encounter are actually your ancestors. Upon reaching the end of the hallway, you will locate your house and enter it, marking the end of Chapter 3. Ultimately, in the final screen, it is revealed that the Witch (Sama), in actuality, is the Centipede Monster (Omukade), exerting control over every monster like a puppeteer and their puppets.

Nightmare Mode Differences:

In Nightmare Mode, the monsters will be faster and have higher vision, making the gameplay more challenging. Additionally, the skull maze will be extended, providing players with additional obstacles to overcome. Furthermore, some of the skull placements within the maze will be altered, adding an element of unpredictability to the gameplay.

Upon completing Nightmare Mode 3, players will be awarded the Corrupted Lantern. This prestigious item provides additional light and regeneration, enhancing the player’s survival capabilities in challenging situations.

Players who successfully navigate the Nightmare Mode and conquer Nightmare Mode 3 will gain a competitive edge over others, as they will have access to the Corrupted Lantern’s unique benefits. This achievement showcases their skill and dedication in overcoming the heightened challenges and rewards them with access to a powerful item that can enhance their performance further.

Overall, the Nightmare Mode variations serve to intensify the gameplay experience, making the monsters faster and their vision sharper. The extended skull maze introduces new obstacles, while the skull placements being changed adds an element of surprise. By completing Nightmare Mode 3, players earn the prestigious Corrupted Lantern, which provides more light and regeneration, further improving their chances of survival.

The Mimic Chapter 3 Walkthrough

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