Home gaming Unveiling the Thrilling Journey: Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Separate Ways Walkthrough

Unveiling the Thrilling Journey: Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Separate Ways Walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 Remake's Separate Ways Walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Separate Ways Walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Separate Ways expansion offers players an exciting and immersive experience as they embark on Ada’s daring journey. In this blog post, we will delve into the opening chapter of this DLC, where Ada’s path intertwines with Luis’ in an intense race against time. Join us as we explore the gripping narrative and thrilling gameplay of this highly anticipated expansion.

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Separate ways walkthrough Chapter 1

In the opening chapter of the Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Separate Ways DLC expansion, Ada finds herself on a mission to rescue Luis from the castle dungeons. Just as Luis is about to face off against a Los Illuminados executioner, Ada arrives just in time to save him from certain doom. The tension is palpable as they navigate the dark and treacherous corridors of the castle, aware that danger lurks around every corner.

As Ada and Luis make their way through the labyrinthine castle, Luis reveals crucial information about the whereabouts of Amber, an important asset. With each step, the urgency to find her grows, as they know that time is not on their side. Ada’s expertise in infiltration and combat and Luis’s knowledge of the castle’s layout make them a formidable team, but they also know that they must rely on their individual skills to survive.

However, their journey takes an unexpected turn. Just as they think they are close to finding Amber, they are ambushed by a group of Los Illuminados zealots. The duo is quickly separated, forcing them to rely on their instincts and quick thinking to fend off the attackers. The ensuing chaos adds another layer of intensity to their already perilous situation.

As Ada fights her way through the hordes of enemies, she can’t shake the worry for Luis’s safety. She knows that he is a valuable ally and his knowledge is crucial to their mission’s success. As she dispatches her foes, she can’t help but wonder if he is doing the same.

Meanwhile, Luis finds himself in a desperate struggle for survival. Alone and outnumbered, he uses his resourcefulness and agility to outmaneuver his pursuers. The castle’s narrow corridors become his battlefield as he fights tooth and nail to reunite with Ada. The stakes are high, and he knows that failure is not an option.

While Ada and Luis are forced to go their separate ways temporarily, their determination to complete their mission and reunite drives them forward. The castle becomes a labyrinth of danger and uncertainty, testing their skills and resolve at every turn. As they continue their separate journeys, they both know that their fates are intertwined, and only by working together can they hope to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

And so, Ada and Luis press on, each step bringing them closer to their goal. The echoes of their footsteps resonate through the castle’s halls, a testament to their unwavering determination. Though separated, they remain bound by their shared purpose, ready to face whatever awaits them as they strive to complete their mission and emerge victorious.

Escape from the Dungeons

After successfully rescuing Luis, your immediate priority is to exit the cell and ensure your safety. Before proceeding further, take a moment to collect the Green Herb that is conveniently placed on the box to your right. This herb will prove to be invaluable in replenishing your health and increasing your chances of survival.

Once you have secured the Green Herb, make your way towards the staircase that leads out of the Dungeons. Ascend the steps carefully, ensuring that you maintain your vigilance in this hostile environment. The path ahead may be treacherous, so proceed with caution.

Upon reaching the top of the steps, take a right turn. This will lead you towards a seemingly inconspicuous crack in the wall. Do not underestimate its significance, for it holds the key to your progress. Squeeze through the narrow opening in the wall to your left, maneuvering your way with precision and determination.

As you make your way through the crack in the wall, be prepared for a sudden turn of events. This action will trigger a brief cutscene, immersing you further into the unfolding narrative. Stay alert and observe the events as they unfold, as this may provide crucial information for your future endeavors.

Remember, your objective is to navigate through this perilous environment and overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Follow these instructions diligently, and you will increase your chances of survival in this unforgiving world.

Fight the Black Robe

With Ada making quick work of the grunts, you’ll be face-to-face with the Black Robe when the cutscene ends. As the battle begins, remember that Ada is far better equipped than Leon was in the opening chapter of Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Main Story. In your Inventory, you’ll find the following items:

Blacktail AC Handgun:

The Blacktail AC Handgun is a reliable and powerful weapon commonly used by law enforcement and special forces units. With its sleek design and excellent accuracy, it is a popular choice among professional shooters. The Blacktail AC Handgun features a semi-automatic firing mechanism, allowing for quick follow-up shots, and a high-capacity magazine that holds up to 15 rounds. Its lightweight construction and ergonomic grip make it easy to handle and control, even in high-pressure situations. Whether you’re engaging targets at close range or taking precise shots from a distance, the Blacktail AC Handgun is a versatile and effective tool.

TMP Submachine Gun:

The TMP Submachine Gun is a compact and lightweight firearm that excels in close-quarters combat. Designed for rapid-fire engagement, this fully automatic weapon is a favorite among military personnel and law enforcement agencies. The TMP Submachine Gun boasts a high rate of fire, making it ideal for suppressing enemies and providing cover fire. Its collapsible stock and compact size allow for easy maneuverability in tight spaces, while its extended magazine capacity ensures you can sustain fire for longer durations. Whether you’re clearing rooms or engaging multiple targets, the TMP Submachine Gun delivers reliable performance and firepower.

Tactical Knife:

The Tactical Knife is an essential tool for any operative operating in close-quarters combat situations. Designed for versatility and reliability, this compact and lightweight blade is perfect for both offensive and defensive purposes. The Tactical Knife features a sharp and durable stainless steel blade, capable of slicing through various materials with ease. Its ergonomic handle provides a secure grip, allowing for precise and controlled movements. Whether you need to silently eliminate threats or cut through obstacles, the Tactical Knife is a reliable companion that should never be underestimated.

First Aid Spray:

The First Aid Spray is a vital item for any adventurer or operative in need of immediate medical assistance. This compact aerosol canister contains a potent healing solution that can be sprayed directly onto wounds or injuries. The First Aid Spray instantly promotes the regeneration of damaged tissue, providing immediate relief and accelerating the healing process. Whether you’re dealing with minor cuts and bruises or more severe injuries, the First Aid Spray is a reliable and convenient solution that can make all the difference between life and death in critical situations.

Hand Grenade:

The Hand Grenade is a powerful explosive device that can be thrown or launched at enemies to cause significant damage. Designed to be portable and easy to deploy, the Hand Grenade is an essential tool for clearing enemy positions or disabling vehicles. Once activated, the Hand Grenade explodes, releasing a powerful blast radius that can eliminate multiple targets or destroy structures. Its compact size and simple operation make it a versatile weapon that can turn the tide of battle in an instant.

Flash Grenade:

The Flash Grenade is a non-lethal device used to disorient and incapacitate enemies in combat situations. When activated, the Flash Grenade emits a blinding flash of light and a loud noise, temporarily impairing the vision and hearing of anyone within its vicinity. This disorientation provides a valuable opportunity to neutralize threats or make a quick escape. Whether you’re facing multiple adversaries or need to create a diversion, the Flash Grenade is a valuable asset that can give you the upper hand in any encounter.

Green Herb (if collected in the Dungeons):

The Green Herb is a natural medicinal plant commonly found in the Dungeons. Known for its healing properties, the Green Herb can be used to restore health and treat minor injuries. When consumed, the Green Herb replenishes a portion of the user’s health, allowing them to continue their mission or adventure with renewed vigor. Whether you’re recovering from a firefight or navigating treacherous environments, the Green Herb provides a much-needed boost to your overall well-being. Remember to collect and utilize Green Herbs whenever possible to maintain your strength and survivability.

In the intense battle against the notorious Black Robe, it is crucial to use every advantage available to ensure victory. As you confront him in the Audience Chamber, employing strategic tactics will be key. One effective strategy is to open fire on the Black Robe while utilizing the pillars in the chamber as cover.

As the battle unfolds, it is important to maintain distance from the Black Robe. However, if he manages to get too close, you have two defensive options at your disposal. The first is to press the ‘O’ button to execute an evasive maneuver, allowing you to swiftly dodge his attacks. This will create an opportunity for counterattacks or a chance to regain a favorable position.

Alternatively, you can press the ‘L1’ button to parry the Black Robe’s strikes. Timing is crucial for a successful parry, as it enables you to deflect his attacks and potentially leave him vulnerable to your own offensive maneuvers. Mastering this defensive technique will greatly enhance your chances of emerging victorious.

Remember to remain vigilant and adapt your strategy as the battle progresses. The Black Robe is a formidable adversary, but with careful use of cover, precise evasive maneuvers, and effective parrying, you can turn the tide in your favor. Good luck in your encounter with the Black Robe and may your skills lead you to triumph!

Once you’ve inflicted enough damage, the Black Robe will roar, and you’ll enter the second phase of this boss battle. When the creature remerges, he’ll be joined by a dozen shadow clones that disappear when shot. While the clones are essentially invulnerable, they can still hurt you, so be prepared to evade and parry, especially when overwhelmed.

Because the clones don’t take damage, it’s best to conserve your precious ammo by staying on the move while focusing on finding the real Black Robe. To identify the real Black Robe, run around the Audience Chamber to search for the enemy with glowing red eyes. The real Black Robe is also the only enemy capable of teleporting, so if you see a clone disappear and reappear without being shot, you know he’s the real deal.

Head for the Exit

As you pump lead into the creature, he’ll soon have enough and fizzle away. Now that the coast is clear, it is important to thoroughly search the Audience Chamber before proceeding through the western exit. This comprehensive search will ensure that no valuable items or important clues are left behind.

To begin, you should retrace your steps and walk back through the door that leads back to the gap in the wall you squeezed through earlier. This door will take you back to the starting point of your journey, allowing you to navigate the chamber more efficiently.

Once you have passed through the door, take two right turns. This will guide you towards a path that leads to the vases located at the end. It is essential to shatter these vases in order to collect their contents. The shattered vases may reveal hidden treasures or useful items that could aid you in your quest.

By following these instructions diligently, you will ensure a thorough search of the Audience Chamber, increasing your chances of finding valuable items and progressing further in your adventure.

After the cutscene, your first task is to look up toward the damaged tower. Once you have the tower in your sights, make sure you are within range and press R1 to grapple upward. This will allow you to ascend and get a better view of your surroundings.

To further assess the area, you can utilize Ada’s binoculars by pressing X. This action will toggle the binoculars and enable you to zoom in. Your objective now is to focus on the white dot located between the flags. This white dot serves as your exit point from this location.

While using the binoculars, you have the option to scan for any potential enemies. This vantage point provides a strategic advantage, allowing you to identify threats and plan your next moves accordingly. Additionally, you can also use this opportunity to locate the tower that houses a cannon. This information can be valuable for future encounters.

Once you have gathered all the necessary information and are ready to proceed, approach the ledge. To descend from the ledge, press X to rappel downward. This action will safely guide you to the lower level, helping you progress further in your mission.

Remember to follow these steps carefully to ensure a successful outcome in your current situation.

Escape from the Castle

Map Key

  • Blue X = Objective Location
  • Green Squares = Treasure Locations
  • Non-Highlighted Items = Permanent Loot
  • Yellow Barrel Icons = Breakable objects that drop random loot
  • Red Person Icon = Typical enemy location if unalerted.

To successfully escape from the castle, your journey will commence at the eastern end of the Castle Gate, leading you towards the western area marked by the blue-colored X on the provided image. While there are multiple strategies to achieve this objective, we highly advise adopting a stealthy approach and eliminating the adversaries situated on the upper level of the Castle Gate. However, it is crucial to exercise caution and ensure that you do not alert them to your presence.

By employing a stealthy approach, you can minimize the risk of detection and increase your chances of reaching the western area undetected. Focus on neutralizing the enemies positioned on the top floor of the Castle Gate, as they pose the most immediate threat to your escape. Take advantage of the element of surprise and eliminate them swiftly and silently.

When dealing with these adversaries, it is important to remember to remain vigilant and avoid any unnecessary noise or movements that could potentially alert them. Utilize the environment to your advantage, taking cover behind structures and utilizing shadows to remain concealed. Take note of their patterns and movements, capitalizing on any opportunities that arise when they are distracted or facing away from your direction.

Once the enemies on the top floor have been dealt with, proceed cautiously towards the western area, staying alert for any remaining adversaries that may impede your escape. It is vital to maintain your stealth throughout the duration of your journey, minimizing the chances of being detected and avoiding unnecessary confrontations that could jeopardize your mission.

By following this recommended approach, you enhance your chances of a successful escape from the castle. Remember to adapt your strategy as needed and remain flexible in the face of unexpected challenges. Good luck on your daring escape!

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