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Afrisight Survey Reviews | Is Afrisight legit or Scam in Africa, find out? (UPDATED)

Afrisight Survey Reviews | Is Afrisight legit or Scam in Africa, find out? (UPDATED REVIEW)
Afrisight Survey Reviews | Is Afrisight legit or Scam in Africa, find out? (UPDATED REVIEW)

Afrisight is an online survey website that collects your data and then rewards you with money. This website is mainly focused on African countries like Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria and so many other African countries that are eligible on their website.

Earlier before I wrote this article, I have been hearing a lot about the Afrisight website which is very amusing, since they are one of the trusted African survey websites we have for now. But still, they are doubts about this website, if afrisight is legit or scam? That’s what we are going to answer in this article.


In this article, we will guide you through how to join afrisight, register, login, and the most important of all, afrisight review.

So stick around let’s dive into this.


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About Afrisight

AfriSight is a leading data collection company mainly focused on Africa with communities across Africa. As a member of the Afrisight website, you have the ability to contribute to discussions that will help you transform the products and services that matter to you. So feel free to share your opinions with the Afrisight website through online surveys that will help impact change in real-time.

How does afrisight work?

Afrisight is a very easy and accessible platform for African users. Register to Afrisight survey website, after afrisight registration they would send you daily emails of available surveys, find the one that suits you, complete the survey, and get paid.

How to withdraw money from Afrisight?

AfriSight payment method is made very fast and easy for African users. Their available payment method for now are, cash, PayPal, airtime, shopping vouchers, and prize draws. So after completing a survey AfriSight rewards you through the payment method listed below.

Cash: This can be paid through mobile wallets like kuda, Opay, wallets Africa and more.

PayPal: Create a verified PayPal easy in your country and then use the address to receive payment from Afrisight

Airtel: You can use Afrisight earnings to buy airtime on your Mobile phone easily.

Shopping vouchers: Afrisight shopping vouchers can be used to purchase items in stores that can be used.

Prize draws: Prize draws are just like having a Bitcoin. You can use it to win cash, gifts cards, gadgets, and more.

How to create an account on AfriSight

Afrisight registration is very easy, just do some steps and you are done.

1. Visit, then click on the join now, to join Afrisight.

2. Click on Join Us with Google, because that’s the easiest method.

3. Choose the Google account you want to use.

step one

4. After choosing the Google account, you are in. Means you have successfully signed up, very easy.

5. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page, then edit your profile.

step two

Edit your profile according to your real-life details, this will help find you the best survey that you can apply for.

6. After you are done, click on Update profile.

step three

Now you just have to complete your profile, for further verification, verify your email on AfriSight through your Gmail and that’s all you have successfully joined Afrisight.

How to get Afrisight Survey

Note: if you haven’t completed your profile, please do that, because if you don’t you won’t see surveys on AfriSight panel.

1. Login to AfriSight panel, click on Surveys.

step five

2. Immediately after clicking on Surveys, down below you’ll see the available survey you can do.

step six

3. Click on Start Survey to begin the survey.

Afrisight Survey Reviews

To me AfriSight survey reviews are one of a kind, these Surveys are very easy to do and with a little amount of time spent you will earn a huge amount in return. So feel free to join afrisight today because they value their customers so therefor, you are assured of working with them for a long time.

Afrisight Review Scam or Legit?

For now, I have checked AfriSight website up and down, worked with them for a long time to know if Afrisight scam or legit. But to be honest guys I have never been disappointed with Afrisight research. So here is the question, is afrisight legit?

The answer is pretty simple, AfriSight is legit not a Scam. So feel free to join this website, and earn money in Africa.

AfriSight Payment proof

Yeah, I know you guys have been waiting for this because still, you guys don’t believe me. But here it is Afrisight payment proof, this will assure you that working with this website is 100% legit, there is nothing to be afraid of guys.

afrisight payment proof



If this review on helped you decide what to do. Please comment down below, we’ll reply to your comment ASAP. Thanks so much for reading, stay awesome, and have a wonderful day!



  1. Just tried using the mobile top up payment mode in Kenya not going through and no response from the admin regarding the issue even after sending a multiple emails… rewards pending for 2 months now….feel like it’s a scam to me

  2. I created an account today with them
    And the three surveys just disappeared
    The first one I was the cause anyways because I didn’t filled the profiling details
    But the second one, I don’t even understand
    They just say “it seems you have perform this survey before, if not fresh the page…”
    When I refreshed, I could find it again
    The one that remains now is 25mins survey which I have tried completing
    But when I try, they kept saying “we’re sorry, there is no survey at the moment”
    E choke ooooo


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