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Digimon Survive Walkthrough and Guide: A Choices Guide

Digimon Survive Walkthrough and Guide

Digimon Survive Walkthrough and Guide: A Choices Guide

Digimon Survive, the latest installment in the Digimon franchise, takes players on a captivating visual novel adventure. The game combines intricate storytelling with engaging gameplay mechanics, making it a must-have for any Digimon fan. In this blog post, we will delve into a comprehensive Digimon Survive walkthrough and guide, providing you with the necessary information to navigate the winding narrative and make crucial choices throughout the game.

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About Affinity and Karma in Digimon Survive

In Digimon Survive, you’ll be able to communicate with your party members in different ways as you progress. To increase Affinity with each character, you need to respond to them the way they like. This walkthrough contains the answers to all of these choices.

As well as Karma, Digimon Survive has a Karma system that sometimes glows a certain color to indicate which Karma stat you will receive points for.

  • The Left option is always Moral
  • The Top option is always Wrathful
  • The Right option is always Harmony

Karma does affect Digimon Survive’s endings, Agumon’s evolution, and the ease with which certain Digimon types are recruited, but it won’t change anything drastic about the story right away (though exceptions will be made in the walkthrough).

  • Moral players recruit Vaccine-type Digimon more easily and get Tap to Reveal
  • Wrathful players recruit Virus-type Digimon more easily and getTap to Reveal
  • Harmony players recruit Data-type Digimon more easily and get Tap to Reveal

Digimon Survive Walkthrough Chapter 1

Digimon Survive Prologue Walkthrough

In the introductory segment, many of the gameplay mechanics are demonstrated, and as mysterious creatures begin to emerge, the story begins to take shape.

This walkthrough breaks down each key moment in Digimon Survive, so you can make sure you make the right decisions for your style.

The Roster Grows

In this chapter, you catch up with Minoru and Aoi. Gotsumon and two other Digimon arrive, forcing Minoru to flee to the Shrine, where you face a dialogue choice based on Karma.

After defeating the Gotsumon, you’ll find Aoi, along with her new friend, Labramon, rejoining you.

During a short conversation, you have the option of choosing between Minoru and Aoi.

  • I’ll ask Minoru – Affinity with Minoru up!
  • Better talk to Aoi – Affinity with Aoi up!

The 3 Digimon companions agree to join you eventually as you try to return to the school despite your unfamiliar surroundings.

Aoi notes that her phone still doesn’t work when you reach the school, but everyone keeps pushing forward. As the sun sets outside the school, Agumon asks you what a school is and presents you with a Karma-based dialogue choice.

Exploring the School

As the team starts investigating inside the school, Labramon collapses so they search for first-aid kits. When Labramon is stabilized, they discuss the unusual condition of the school, and Ryo suddenly screams.

Then Ryo claims to have seen a giant monster and a ghost in the room, as well as a Digimon (later revealed to be Kunemon).

In a split second, Aoi disappears, and Ryo believes that she was abducted by the monster. Minoru suggests examining the chalkboard in the room, so use your camera to scan a board (either side of the room), and cobwebs will appear.

Aoi’s Abduction

Affinity can be impacted by the choices you make after some deliberation.

  • Exercise some caution. – Affinity with Ryo up!
  • Hurry up and save Aoi! – Everyone but Ryo rallies behind you

Exploration Phase

As you progress through the Exploration Phase, you will be able to travel between various parts of the school.

There are also Free Battles, which allow you to grind up the level of your monster, obtain items, and collect new Digimon.

The Free Battle tutorial teaches you how to talk to enemies, as well as the dialogue options that are necessary to convince them to join your team/give you items. For more details, see our How to Befriend Digimon page. The 6 tier bar above the creature shows how convinced it is, and how full it gets depends on your answers to each Digimon.

In the Classroom, speak to Ryo. Here, you are presented with a choice. This affects Affinity. After you have finished exploring the various areas, you can search for items and inspect anomalies.


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