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How to Get Rotom in Pokémon Go: A Guide to Catch this Rare Pokémon

How to Get Rotom in Pokémon Go

How to Get Rotom in Pokémon Go: A Guide to Catch this Rare Pokémon

Pokémon Go’s Rotom has previously ranked as one of the game’s most elusive creatures – with Gen 4 coming and going without a Rotom appearance. That changed in July 2024, with the arrival of Rotom as part of the Go Fest 2024 celebrations. Wash Rotom would later return as part of the Sixth Anniversary event in July 2022, with Mow Rotom debuting as part of the Go Fest 2022 in-person events.


Rotom is still one of the rarest Pokémon in Pokémon Go though, so this page covers how to get Rotom through photobombing when its available, which Rotom forms are currently available, and the others we know about from the mainline series. In this article we’ll talk about how to get rotom pokemon go, can you still get rotom in pokémon go, how to get rotom in pokémon go without go fest.

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How to Get Rotom in Pokémon Go: Snapshot Photobomb Pokémon

Rotom is a relatively rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go, making it an exciting catch for players. Just like Smeargle, Rotom enjoys being a photobomber and can make a surprise appearance in your snapshots. If you’re looking to increase your chances of encountering Rotom, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make it happen:

Step 1: Open the Snapshot Mode with any Pokémon

The first step in catching Rotom is to open the Snapshot mode with any Pokémon of your choice. It doesn’t matter which Pokémon you choose, as Rotom is exclusive to the photobombing method.

Step 2: Take Pictures of the Pokémon (Turn off AR+ to make this step easier!)

Once you have opened the Snapshot mode, take multiple pictures of the Pokémon you are capturing. For best results, it is recommended to turn off AR+ (augmented reality), as this can sometimes interfere with the photobombing process.

Step 3: Exit Snapshot Mode, where you review the images you have just taken

After you have taken your pictures, exit the Snapshot mode and review the images you just captured. This is where the magic of Rotom may appear!

Step 4: Rotom may appear in one of your photos

If Rotom decides to make an appearance, it will spawn in the wild on the map screen, just like any other Pokémon. However, if it’s not there, don’t despair – just keep repeating the above steps.

Step 5: If Rotom appears, catch it like any other Pokémon

If Rotom appears, congratulations! It’s time to catch it just like any other Pokémon. Use your best catching techniques and aim to add it to your ever-growing collection.

Step 6: If Rotom does not appear, repeat the above steps

If Rotom doesn’t appear in your photos the first time around, don’t give up. Repeat this process multiple times to increase your chances of encountering the mischievous Rotom. It may take several attempts, but persistence is key when it comes to catching rare Pokémon.


Obtaining Rotom in Pokémon Go can be an exciting and rewarding experience. By following these instructions and taking frequent snapshots, you just might surprise yourself with a visit from the elusive Rotom. Remember, patience is key, and with enough time and dedication, you might just catch this elusive Snapshot Photobomb Pokémon. Good luck and happy hunting!



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